25 July 2014

the expanding m21 design empire needs a slave... i mean, INTERN!

it's time again... we need smart, capable help around the atelier. every day will bring a different challenge, as one day it might be creating invoices and purchase orders, creating wallpaper patterns, or prepping a canvas for painting, the next it might be holding my hand in a client meeting, making a floor plan or shopping for fabric. we have lots going on in many arenas, both design and social media, so be prepared to juggle. who knows- you might even learn what's it's like to make a TV show (not saying that is happening, but not saying it isn't either).  interning at maison21 will be work but it will also be fun, and i guarantee you'll walk out the door with more working knowledge of design and social media than you walked in with. whether you still like either field afterwards (or me), i couldn't say...  ;-)

qualified candidates must have a car and a laptop, and KNOWLEDGE OF CAD for making floor plans and simple elevations. i can teach you pretty much anything else you need to know (i like to think i'm a patient and able teacher), but i do not know CAD, so potential candidates MUST BE PROFICIENT. 

just putting it out there. if you think you might be interested, click above on the slave formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince ...

and here's our intern theme song (bikini top not required, thank you, but please bring some moves):

23 July 2014

ted, the miracle dog (feeling grateful)

it was a year ago this week that ted had his cancer surgery, and while the surgery was successful in removing the tumor that was preventing him from being able to eat, we soon learned that his cancer was rare and highly aggressive (invasive mucin cell carcinoma). we made the difficult decision to not put him through any more procedures since his cancer couldn't be cured, and we were told that six months would be an extraordinary outcome.

well, i'm proud to report that a year later, ted is doing GREAT. these pictures were taken today, and while he may be a little slower than he was pre-cancer, he is still barking for food, cuddling up a storm every night, and being the same stubborn and ornery little walker as he ever was. best of all, so far as we can tell, he is in no pain and the only symptom seems to be ongoing anemia, which causes him to be a little less energetic than he would otherwise be, *but* he was the least energetic dog in the universe before the cancer, so really the difference is minute. i know ted's health can't last forever, and i almost feel i'm tempting fate by posting this, but i also never thought we'd make it to this day so there is plenty of reason to celebrate. the last year has been amazing, and i've loved every second of having him by my side- even on those stubborn and ornery walks, when he's pulling one way, while i'm trying to walk another. ;-)

thanks again to every person who has supported and shown ted such love. he doesn't know he has an internet fan club, but it makes his daddy happy to know that so many people love and care for this funny little rescue dog.

18 July 2014

thank you to cloth & kind!

just wanted to say thank you to the the girls of cloth & kind, krista nye schwartz and tami jennings for teh lovely feature they posted about my shapes collection rugs, along with a little impromptu video interview.

tami, krista and myself, in my woven accents window during #LCDQLA, along with our long time buddy, marissa marcantonio from style beat blog
tami and krista were my "neighbors" this year at #LCDQLA legends, designing the window at sydney harbour paints, just down the block from my window at woven accents. of course they kicked ass, but most importantly, it was fun to have friends working just down the street! i loved being able to visit with them, and hope they come back to LA soon!

krista and tami's colorfully chic window at sydney harbour paints (also my paint sponsor- LOVE THEM!)

xo, girls, and thank you! click here to read.

15 July 2014

"tips on shopping for bar stools", my latest on the 55 downing street blog

bar stools in a living/dining area by maison21

please visit the 55 downing street blog for my latest, "tips on shopping for bar stools".