28 January 2009

so wong, it's right (finally, m21 talks about the yellow wallpaper)

after asking for advice on how to clean lucite (one of the top ways our blog is found via the google), the next most common question maison21 gets asked is, where did he get the fabulous yellow chinoiserie wallpaper he used in the bachelorette's living room? and to everyone who searched in vain through every single post, maison21 offers his sincere apologies- though he promised often, he has never revealed his source- until today.
maison21 knew he wanted to use a fabulous de gournay or gracie chinoiserie hand painted silk wall covering somewhere in the home, and the bachelorette was wild for the idea. since gracie and de gournay are exquisite, but rather pricey, maison21's original concept was to use 2 panels on one side of the living room as a focal point, and frame them as "art". they also started out orange, btw!after spending some time in the house, as maison21 likes to do at the beginning of a project, we realized that the room was dark and gloomy even in the brightest hours of the morning, so orange was out, and a liberal dose of white and yellow was the cheerful cure diagnosed by dr. m21, ID (yellow is probably our favorite color, but lots of clients are scared to use it- not our bachelorette!) he also decided that 2 panels were never going to cut it, as he needed the whole room to be circled in a cheerful yellow garden to banish the gloomy malaise and bring in the happy. the new happy concept unfortunately also posed a bit of a sad problem- our budget would never allow the number of panels of de gournay or gracie we needed to bring life to what was until our intervention, a rather dark and oppressive on to the internets we went, hoping to find a budget alternative, and the gods of home decorating smiled upon our search- we struck gold in finding the wallcoverings of griffin and wong.the griffin and wong panels are about a half to a third of the cost of the other sources we were considering, and even better, no upcharge for matching a custom color, or resizing the panels! m21 was leery of ordering over the internets sight unseen, so he contacted douglas bray, g & w's north american rep and douglas sent us a finished sample in a stock yellow background- fast! painted and fed-exed to us from china within two weeks!the quality of the sample was excellent, but the background color wasn't quite right (too timid, we wanted knock-your-socks-off yellow). we then asked for a background strike-off to match benjamin moore banana yellow #2022-40, and since this didn't have to have the florals painted, we had the strike off in 3 days! pretty amazing. we selected the "shen de tang" pattern from the many styles g & w offers, and once the pattern is selected, you can then specify which panels you want to use off a line drawing. since our panels were to be framed, we didn't necessarily need continuity, so maison21 selected some panels in sequence, and some not. that way we were able to get all the juicy bits- a little lotus leaf, some cherry blossoms, cranes and songbirds, trees in pots, hanging lanterns, etc. fun...we were then further able to customize how we wanted the florals painted, full color or white and pastels. we originally intended to go white and blue, to keep things light 'n bright, but as our sunny garden room concept took hold, full color seemed to be the option that "sang" to us...during the painting process, douglas was excellent about supplying us with jpegs of the panels in process, and we were even able to add in a few more birds and butterflies where things looked a little bare, just before they shipped. how's that for custom?from start to finish, the process was amazingly quick- once we gave our deposit, we had the finished panels in about a month! and as we've said the customer service provided was excellent- the whole customization process was a breeze. even non-decorators will be comfortable working with douglas.we are really pleased with the results- truly gorgeous, especially for the price. we honestly couldn't say whether the panels are entirely hand-painted, or whether they are a combination of printed material and hand-painted finishing, but we really don't care, either- the results look good. we did have 2 panels delivered with a few branches unfinished in spots (still needed some flowers and leaves), and while g & w offered to replace them, we didn't feel the need to wait for new ones since we were cropping some of our panels & just worked around the missing bits. no big deal. even if we used them as painted, we doubt anyone would have ever noticed the missing bits. the verdict? if our budget were unlimited, would we use griffin & wong rather than de gournay? probably not- de gournay (and gracie) manufacture true works of art, and while g & w comes close, it's the difference between a couture gown and ready-to-wear. more importantly, will we use griffin and wong again in the future? heck, yeah! for the price of two or three panels of de gournay, we were able to do a whole room, so off the rack prices really helped make the project sing. added bonus, g & w's lead time is about a hundred times faster ,and the customer service couldn't have been more personal. all in all, we couldn't be happier with g & w, and we think the results speak for themselves. two thumbs up- way up!ps- if you do decide to order from griffin & wong, please do us a favor and tell 'em maison21 sent you. we don't get paid for our endorsements, but we sure wouldn't mind if they gave us a really good deal on our next order- every little bit helps in our new economy! ;-)

23 January 2009

this weekend: ART LA 2009

if you are in los angeles this weekend, you might want to head on over to ART LA 2009 at the santa monica airport's barker hanger, (for those less cultured-like moi- that's where the barney's sale happens every year). if you cant afford to purchase a masterpiece from one of the 60 galleries showing at the fair, you can at least afford to console yourself with a stiff drink, as they've set up a version of chinatown's mountain bar inside the hanger. btw, why don't they do that for the barney's sale, too? we know we buy more unflattering and over-priced fashions while shopping with our judgment pleasantly impaired. what a great way to compensate for falling retail sales...

ART LA 2009 Jan 23-25, Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, 323-937-4659

*** painting at top of post has absolutely nothing to do with the ART LA fair. studio annetta recently ran a post about a chair she coveted being auctioned at pierre bergé & associése. silly us- m21 went to check out their offerings, and now we can't stop thinking about the above andré bloc abstract composition, with an auction estimate of 8000 euros- it would look absolutely fabulous hanging on the wall of our living room here at the m21 atelier. on a completely unrelated topic, do you think a slightly used kidney would fetch 8000 euros on the open market? just curious.

22 January 2009

crappy filler post

so waaaay back in his deep dark past, m21 worked at a place that would take pictures of tourists, superimpose their faces on actor's body or the cover of sports illustrated, and then sell the resulting photos back to them for not inexpensive prices. it was actually pretty cutting edge technology at the time (if photoshop was even around, it was rare & exotic). funny how times change, and now that same technology is available for free on your desktop.

21 January 2009

CHANGE!!! (change of decor, that is- the m21 "state of decorating" address)

change has been on everyone's mind for some reason, right? change of climate, change of economic reality, change of government, change of how we view ourselves as a nation- deep stuff like that. all well and good, but this blog isn't about governments or nations or economies, so let's bring change home to a subject the supremely shallow maison21 can relate to: change of decor.

so we've been thinking about the changing state of decor- not specifically changing the decor of the atelier (we always think about that) but thinking about the big changes our nation is going through, and we can't help but wonder how they will impact interior design. we know they will, but how?
we got a big hint about the changes to come on the cover of the very first magazine delivered to m21 in the new year. we were on the phone with a good friend (and savvy business adviser), while absentmindedly going through the day's mail, when we squealed (sounding like a 12 year old girl, no doubt): "oh my god- there's a BEER BOTTLE on the cover of house beautiful!". think about it, have you ever seen an open beer bottle on the cover of a decorating magazine? the content of the magazine inside was pretty much the same as usual, but the cover? that's new...

maison21 and his marketing guru friend proceeded to have a lively discussion of the significance of that bottle, and we agreed we are probably going to be seeing a lot more down to earth decor in the coming months (and years). not as many aspirational new york townhomes, with 100% custom decor and bazillion dollar antiques, but rather more inspirational spreads- like the home featured on the cover of house beautiful- interiors that the rest of us can imagine living in, beer bottles and all. sure there will still be custom gorgeousness- the magazines want to inspire, right? but we predict the pricey custom decor will be mixed in with pieces already owned, along with vintage, and DIY, and some true discount pieces as well (think our beloved target). we also think the discount pieces will be start to be given the same editorial emphasis as the 'spensive scalamandre fabric on the curtains- the mags are going to want to hit every level of the market they can. we predict lots and lots more "champagne taste on a beer budget" stories in every magazine, even the high end ones. whaddya wanna bet we'll see budget DIY decor tips in elle decor? maybe some target or ikea finds in AD? that's our prediction anyway, and we like to think we're ahead of the curve on the trend- it's what maison21 has been doing all along, after all .

the new decor reality- before and after, as envisioned by maison21 - a mixture of custom, mass market, recycled and vintage, at every price point (yes, we hear your groans- we're milking the bachelorette's living room yet again. we'll try to "change" that in the future, ok?)
we also agreed that there will be a greater emphasis on the reuse and recycle aspect of decor- resources on our planet are shrinking, not growing, so it just makes sense to be green in this easy way. sometimes you need a custom sofa due to size or design constraints, but more often than not, there is something already out there that can be re-purposed with a little new fabric, and another tree needn't be felled to make the frame. the reuse and recycle philosophy also fits in with our new economic reality- used furniture is often cheaper and of better quality then new, so why wouldn't you want to use it? everybody is watching their budgets these days- even the truly wealthy- so this kind of green, budget-saving decor just makes sense for our new times. maison21 also loves the idea of reuse, because it means not only using items of quality that cost less, but using items that are often unique and one of a kind- like snowflakes, it's almost impossible for any two recycled interiors to look alike!

our own one-hundred percent recycled living room- everything was once owned by somebody else, right down to the thrift store art turned into a DIY project by m21 (ok, we exaggerated a bit- we had the lampshade custom made, but the tree in the photo was rescued from the curb- does that make up for it?).

another decorating change that occurred to m21, is that perhaps style will no longer be dictated from the top on down, but instead transform to a more individualized process, where everyone can have their own unique vision and style catered to, and m21 thinks in part, the blogs are fueling this change. like vintage? visit maison21. like french country? go to cote de texas. anglophile? off to the house of beauty and culture for you! as with with the greater economy as a whole, this change is going to create some casualties, and we've already seen some unfortunate losses in the shelter mag industry, as publishers and advertisers figure out how to reach their increasingly fragmented audiences. while we hope no more magazines close, we can can pretty much guarantee they will (if oprah can't make a go of it, what chance do magazines published by mere mortals have?). we are certainly saddened by the losses, since the rise of the internets and the blogs are probably part of the reason for the demise of the decorating magazines; at least hopefully we bloggers will continue to inspire and entertain, and fill any the voids left by the shrinking publishing industry, and we sincerely hope that as magazines expand online, bloggers will help to be a part of the solution to the problem. we think the blogs and the magazines could make great, mutually beneficial content together! on a side note, maison21 thinks the magazines should also think about raising their subscription prices to cover more of their costs- m21 will gladly pay cover price for a monthly dose of pretty delivered to his door! call us old fashioned, we like to hold and flip through a new magazine- makes us feel good.

the last issue of o at home- a magazine with it's emphasis on budget, and DIY tips, we thought would be a good fit for the new economy. we were wrong (shows you what our predictions are worth). shame, we grew to like it quite a bit. (and oprah,? please stop trying to bill us for our subscription- the magazine is no more, ok? it's not like you really need our 5 bucks, anyway)

this change will undoubtedly also wreak some havoc on interior designers too. does maison21 think his profession is going the way of the dodo? no, actually kinda the opposite- people have become more sophisticated in their tastes, and they want their homes to be as sophisticated as the hotels they stay in and the restaurants they eat at, and since not everyone has the time or the talent to do it themselves, we'll still be in demand. however, designers who don't adapt to the new times and find a way to connect with changing tastes and audiences, are going to be in trouble- just like the many magazines that have closed. some people will always want to hire michael smith to come in and drop his signature style, but others will want somebody like maison21 to come in to refine their style, and make their lives a little more glamorous then before, but without wrecking either the planet or their wallets in the process. we would have done it for you too, michelle, if you had only asked us. maybe you'll call if you need someone to freshen up camp david, k?

what do y'all think will happen to the state of decorating? do you think that m21 is right, and decor will become more down to earth? or do you think the opposite, that it will become more of a fantasy and an escape from troubled times? more democratic, or more exclusive? are decorators dinosaurs? or much needed co-creators? m21 would love to hear your thoughts in your comments to this post. we'd also love to see our fellow bloggers possibly weigh in with posts on their own blogs- let's talk about change (of decor), while change is the air!

20 January 2009

period collection sale!

period collection here in los angeles is having a sale with some pretty big discounts- 40% off furniture and 50% off lighting and accessories. mention maison21, and get an additional 5% off!

19 January 2009

our top 3 of 2008 (from the mags), no. 2

our second favorite projects from our pile of 2008 decorating magazines is this stunning new york apartment, by the talented bill sofield (studio sofield, featured in world of interiors, december, 2008, photography simon upton).

drop. dead. gorgeous.
mrs. blandings, in a more timely recap of 2008, already showed the living room, so y'all can scurry on over there to see it, but what really captured our attention were these amazing walls and marble, with crystal sconces in one, and completely fabulous de gournay hand painted carp wallpaper with creamy carrara & gilt, in the other; with shapely mirrors hung on antique venetian glass walls in both. this is the kind of decorating that makes us weak in the knees.the silk dynasty black ceramic on canvas wall covering in this entry vestibule is an amazing choice, and we were crazy for the mirrored ceiling in the hall (and don't get us started on the pair of stag's head consoles- anyone know if they are vintage or modern?).
decorating at it's most sublime. thank you, mr. sofield.

16 January 2009

félicitations, habité!

maison21 wanted to congratulate his friends over at habité, laurent rebuffel and kimberly denman, on their recent profile in the "shop talk" feature on 1stdibs. we suggest you hop on over to 1srdibs to check out the gorgeous photos of their store, and if you live in los angeles, get on over to la brea to check it out in person as it is simply the one of the most swoonworthy showrooms of vintage modern and antiques you'll ever see (due in no small part to kimberly's eye- she's also an extremely talented designer. really pretty and really nice, too. hate her). congrats, kids!
m21 selected this photo not only because it showcases habité's enormous inventory, but also because if you look carefully, you can spot an objet de beauté that once graced the maison21 atelier. we're not telling which item though, so you'll have to guess, k? kind of like a decorating version of "where's waldo?", 'cept you have absolutely no freakin' idea what waldo looks like.

14 January 2009

a decorating post? for reals? our fave 3 homes of 2008 (pt. 1)

yes, maison21 is actually doing a decorating post today! no animals or rock stars or facebook or nuthin! today, we talk decorating. for reals.

we've been trying to clear the atelier of the stacks and stacks of decorating magazines that have piled up in every room. it's really hard for us though- we have a problem both with throwing them away, and tearing the images we like out of them, so they just pile up, whole and intact until we get so fed up, we end up chucking them all into recycling.
so this january, we thought we'd actually get rid of the past years magazines right away, and hopefully turn it into a ritual. as we began to purge, we tried to remember which rooms and homes we for sure had to keep from 2008, and without physically going through, three projects immediately came to mind- they just impressed us so much they are etched in our brain, forever, and that's saying something, considering we're old and can't remember anything!
project number one is monique lhuillier's "rhapsody in gray", (elle decor jan/feb, design by monique lhuillier & jennie abbot, styled by carlos mota, photographed by roger davies). we've seen it a million times on a million blogs, but hey, it's so pretty why not one more go round?
how much does maison21 love this classically tailored and modern home? well as you may know, m21 is a fiend for color, and you'll note this home has none- and it's absolutely perfect, as-is. love, love love.
stayed tuned for favorite project number two- coming as soon as we can scan it...

13 January 2009


ADOPTED! thanks to everyone who set out positive thoughts for our stray, sir francis bacon- he was adopted yesterday! don't know by whom, but he is surely a happier guy right now. thank you, thank you, thank you, anonymous big-hearted dog adopter!

12 January 2009

crazy scams for crazy times

so we've all got those emails starting with "Dearest One, I am writing these letters with due respects and hearts full of tears since we have not known or met ourselves previously. I am asking for your assistance..." followed by tales of vast sums of money, dead relatives and banks in the cote d'ivoire. we assume they send out millions of those things to every available email address, hoping to find just one person who is completely senile, yet somehow email saavy enough to respond (good luck with that).

well, maison21 just came across a new scam aimed at a specific target audience: us (us as in interior design junkies, not maison21's royal "we"). we spotted the following ad on craigslist:
Interior modern design is a passion of mine and I consider it an art form. Having compiled a photographic library of current and vintage high-end, name brand modern furnishings over the years, consumers can now avail themselves of a unique service right from their lap top or PC via email and educate themselves for a one time initial flat fee. Clients are emailed expandable color photos, product information and retail pricing (USD) in accordance with client’s request parameters thus familiarizing client with various options/selections prior to purchasing interior furnishings through retailer or interior designer/decorator. Illustrated pics below have been arbitrarily selected as examples for potential clients to see. Initially please respond via email & provide contact phone number. Further more in depth conversation will be via telephone. Service is available via email within the continental United States. In the spirit of providing such information accumulated over the years I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, CJB
Six month resource service effective upon clearance of service fee
Email expandable color photos of interior furnishing options based on client space or category request
Email approximate retail pricing (USD) for selected furnishings
Email brand name, description & measurements for selected furnishings*
Email contact information for local or internet retailers for selected furnishings
Initial phone consultation / Email correspondence
$2500 one time flat service fee payable via PayPal**
* In the case of vintage furnishings, pricing, description & measurements
may vary, be limited or not available
** Client needs to address any questions or issues during client initial phone
consultation prior to remittance of service fee. Client agrees initial flat
service fee is non-refundable after issuance

ok, did you get that? if not, maison21 will gladly summarize: please send "CJB" $2500.00, and in return, they will send you pictures of furniture they have collected on the internets. omg- what an incredibly good deal!

here's an even better one: send "M21" just $250.00 (that's 90% off!), and he too, will send you pictures of furniture he has collected from the internets. wow! now, that's a deal!

and if this the ad sounds good to you, maison21 also has a picture of the brooklyn bridge you might be interested in purchasing...

09 January 2009

no vinyl (grillz is for teefs)

we spotted this travesty while walking lil' miss mona not so long ago, and just had to write a post about it, especially after reading an article in the home section of last saturday's los angeles times entitled "Bad design trends we hope die in 2009". well, this is a trend that maison21 would like to personally drive a stake through: vinyl windows. so many ways from wrong, we just can't stand it.
why would anyone do such a thing to a gorgeous historic building, like this 1920's spanish style duplex in m21's neighborhood? so stylistically inappropriate in every way- wrong proportion, wrong pane size, wrong color (can't paint that sh*t), wrong material (you know, like they had plastic in historical spain). wrong, wrong, wrong.
when we got home and downloaded the pics, we used the google for more info on this purveyor of urban blight, and discovered the final tragedy of the wrongness of the vinyl window: you what the manufacturer calls those cheap little strips of plastic overlaid on the glass? the grids that are supposed to fool one into thinking they are actually composed of multiple panes of glass? (like we're falling for it, 'cuz we're both blind and stupid). the klassy marketing term they use instead of "muntins", the real word for the strips of real wood or metal that divide the lights (panes) of a real window? they call them grilles.

wrong. this is not a grille- it's cheap, and looks it. real grilles should cost some real monies.
now these? these are real grills:
so remember when remodeling your home, just say no to vinyl- 'cuz grillz ain't for windoz, grillz is for teefs!

08 January 2009

our first love (a stroll down a slightly messed up memory lane)

through the magic of facebook, we recently reconnected with one of our best (and only) friends from high school in suburban san diego- we were even off-campus roommates for our freshman year at berkeley (until m21 got kicked out for failing to attend his classes. who knew you actually had to go to class to succeed in college? m21 never went to class in high school and that turned out ok...)

one of the things m21 and his high school best girlfriend bonded over was our love of this man:
m21's fascination actually started in his pre-teen years when his sister would leave to go to her part-time high school job, and we would sneak into her bedroom to play her "young americans" album over and over ('til she came home and threatened to kick our ass for being in her bedroom, where we were FORBIDDEN to step foot inside). god, we loved he so. still love his music, and hearing it transports us back to a time when we dreamed of growing up to be best friends with andy warhol, to live in an artist's loft in gritty downtown new york, and to spend our evenings doing piles of blow in underground nightclubs. these were our high-reaching goals at 16, we kid you not (guess which two out of the three we did NOT succeed in achieving by the age of 25?) see why this is a slightly messed up stroll down memory lane? our decorating is pretty- our youthful past? maybe not so much...

this song- and it's dramatic new (yes, new) video art form- was pivotal in our high school life. enjoy. or not.

YouTube Music Videos 60s 70s - David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes via

07 January 2009

m21 has gone to the dogs- again

"hi- my name is ... well, that's a good question isn't it? the people here at the WLA animal shelter call me 'sammy', and the man that brought me here calls me 'sir francis bacon' (weird, i know), so i just call myself 'confused'.
i've been here for a week now, and i don't like it one bit. the other dogs bark a lot and that scares me, so i spend a lot of time curled up in my dog bed in the little house at the back of my cage. the man that comes to visit me everyday says i should come out more, so people can see how handsome i am, but i get scared, so i go back inside.

the people at the pound wrote 'timid and shy/afraid when touched' on my chart, so i don't think that's helping when people come to pick out a pet. i'm not aggressive AT ALL, and they think i'm even ok with kitties. the man who visits me and brings me treats ,says he thinks i won't be shy once i go to a new home, because i always come out to see him and i even let him pet me through the bars when the other dogs aren't barking so loud. the night i met the man, i even wagged my tail after a while, but i don't do that here- 'cuz i don't much feel like it.
the man with the treats says he's trying real hard to find me somewhere to go, but can't take me back home himself because he already has
a cat, as well as a dog who gets withdrawn and anxious when around other doggies. plus he thinks i'd be happier with a more active companion, not the big ol' couch potato that *he* is. a yard would be good too, and he doesn't have one- just a couple dinky patios. i don't think i'd care 'bout any of that, as long as i got the heck out of here. i really hate it.
do YOU know anybody that would like a handsome doggie like myself around the house? i promise i'll try to be a real good boy!"

ps- m21 here. went to visit sir francis today, and he seemed a little more at ease. i wanted to add to this post that i will cover the adoption fees ($91) if anyone was interested in adopting or fostering this pup.

06 January 2009

won't you be my friend?

so one week into the new year, and we've already broken one of our resolutions! you know how we said in an earlier post that we wouldn't share any of our resolutions because it's so freakin' shameful to fail in public?

well, that's the resolution we're breaking! our resolution to keep our resolutions private, that is- clear? (clear as mud, i'm sure). anyway, we have to break our resolution (the keeping private one) because it directly conflicts with another of our resolutions, and that is to be as "public" as possible in 2009! we plan to shout maison21's name from the rooftops until even penguins living at the north pole know who he is, and ask him to decorate their igloos! (ok, before some smartass national geographic reader comments- we know penguins don't live in igloos, alright? polar bears do!) anyway, this is not the time to be shy or retiring about our business, as in this economy only the aggressive and adaptive will survive- and if maison21 is one thing, he is a survivor! so we definitely plan on talkin' ourselves upand scouting out busines opportunties, even at the north pole! as our friend habitually chic suggested, we should both adopt as our 2009 motto (quoting ted turner): "early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise." and that's exactly what we're gonna do! 'cept for that whole early to rise part- that is genetically impossible for yours truly, but working and advertising like hell? we're on it!

one of the ways we'd like to get the word out about ourself, our talents and our services and products (in addition to this blog mind you) is to set up a website to showcase both our design portfolio and also do a little e-commerce business with our fabulous vintage finds. normally we'd take our time working on a site and getting it perfect, followed by a soft launch to get feedback before publicizing it, etc. but that process might take awhile (finding someone to design the site, taking all the necessary photographs, composing and proofing the copy, blah, blah, blah) and frankly, we don't feel like time is our side right now. actually, we don't think that time is on the side of any business right now, much less a small business in the luxury field of home decorating...

and that brings us to the point of our post- while waiting to get an official website up and running, we've set up a "maison21" facebook business page in the interim, and we'd LOVE for you to visit it! for now, it's a place to park images from our portfolio (as we get it updated- a resolution sadly still carried over from last year), and it's also a place to post photos of our vintage finds (though we warn you, pickings are a bit slim right now- in direct contradiction to this post, our december sales were pretty good, and we haven't had a chance to replenish stock yet).

like a blog, a facebook business page depends on other's recommendations in order for it to grow- so we're asking, won't you be our friend? purty, please? and if you become of fan of m21's page or add it as a favorite, of course, we'll return the favor if you have a FB page highlighting your business, organization, blog or whatever... (note- anyone can visit our page to check it out, but you have to be a facebook member to be fan or add it as a favorite).

so, will we see you on facebook, friends? we hope so! special thanks to habitually chic and mrs. blandings for being amongst the first m21 FB friends- you are the best!

05 January 2009

new year's resolutions suck

last new year, m21 posted his new year's resolutions on his blog, and as his track record on keeping them was completely dismal, for 2009, we have decided to keep our vows a secret. we sooooo hate to fail, and failing in public is a bazillion times worse. and yet, while we personally hate to fail, you know when it comes to others, maison21 is a giver, so as our new year's gift to you, we thought we'd recap our failed resolutions here in public, in hopes that while reveling in our failure, you will feel a little bit better about your own past resolutions (and if you somehow kept all your resolutions from last year, please go away- your kind is not welcome here).

1. kitchen painted? yeah, right.
our pretty view from across the kitchen table. or so we would like to pretend.

the reality: 'cept for the one small patch we stare at every morning while we drink our coffee and read the paper, the rest is unfinished. ugh. for shame-we take care of this kind of thing for others as our living- why so hard to do it for ourselves?

2. portfolio put in order? nope, still in unsorted piles of photos, drawings and tons of miscellaneous crap paperwork from projects past, hidden inside storage boxes stacked by our desk. the boxes are stacked pretty neatly, though- does that count for anything?

3. masion21 business plan completed? um, no- still in an unedited file on our computer desktop. our talented business and marketing strategist completed their part ages ago, and have been patiently waiting for our input for at least 6 months. yikes! we suck. we also wonder if we need to start over- things are a whole lotta different now, as opposed to just six months ago..

4. our planned trip to paris? postponed from may to september, then ultimately canceled. though we gotta say in this new economy of ours, canceling a luxury paris trip seems like a wise move, not necessarily a failure.5. we did manage to keep at least one resolution- no more plastic bags. we have 100% converted to biodegradable poop bags for mona (no picture of that), and we remember to take our own bags to the store almost every time, so we'll count this resolution as a unqualified success. yay!

6. the jury is still out on our last resolution, to be a little more social- we thought we were doing pretty well, yet somehow we managed to squirm out of every invitation we had for new year's eve, and ended up staying home with teh dog and the cat. we did update our facebook status for the first time in 2008 on december 31st, though, so we'll call that one a draw.

now have maison21's resolution failures and one (small) triumph made you feel any better about your own past resolutions? no? still feel the need to 'fess up? then leave your comments on this post and keep m21 company in his misery! have you already broke some of this year's resolutions in the last 5 days? do tell! at least you guys get to be anonymous about it if you want!

so with our new resolutions held tightly to ourself, it's on to greater things in 2009! (and, no the kitchen didn't even make the list this year. we give up).

01 January 2009

here's to a beautiful new year!

maison21 wishes everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!
we've had an awesome 1st year blogging with y'all, and we look forward to sharing more fun and glamor in 2009!
images are two of maison21's favorite rooms of 2008- and by sheer coincidence, he designed them both!