22 February 2014

yes please.

stools/tables in wood and statuary marble by stephane parmentier; available at valerie goodman gallery, NYC. via maximum minimum

16 February 2014

second look (the maison21 interior design portfolio, reimagined)

like seemingly everyone in the design world, i became obsessed with the waterlogue app a couple of weeks ago, and quickly began compulsively watercoloring pictures of ted, richard and flowers, instagramming them to the world. what i am really amazed by is waterlogue's ability to reimagine my interior design portfolio and make it look fresh and pretty, even when after staring at some of these photos for years it began to look anything but in my eyes. thanks waterlogue for helping me taking a second look at my work, and pardon my (lack of) humility, but, dang, it looks good the second time around...  ;-)

ps- if you like what you see, the real photos are here, and you can email me here for more info.

11 February 2014

you'll thank me.

be still my heart- 40 watts of golden goodness.

saw this in enlightenment magazine, and i knew if you are reading this blog, you'd love it as much as me. so tasty. from bulbright.