06 November 2011

high on high point: distinctly duralee

when we found out that duralee was one of the sponsors of our trip to the high point market, we were over the moon- a product that maison21 already knew, loved and used? a match made in heaven!

and lemme tell you, we were so excited to see the duralee collection in their high point showroom, because the showroom, designed by eileen kathryn boyd, is simply gorgeous and showcases the fabrics and furniture so beautifully (whereas the LA showroom, is well... a bit utilitarian, shall we say). my cohorts, crystal gentilello  and ashlina kaposta, and i could have relaxed there all day as the color palette was so cheerful, yet calming. eileen did an amazing job.
eileen is just as lovely as her designs, so it was delightful to talk with her and hear the behind the scenes story of her fabric collection for duralee-  her color sense literally blew me away! i know we designers aren't supposed to admit to this, as it seems like cheating in a way, but i love the 5 color palette books she put together with duralee; sometimes it's nice just to have everything that coordinates in one convenient spot.  i wish more fabric houses did this for those times when matchy-matchy is simply the look needed. why not make things easy? and seriously, with a juicy color palette like this, i guarantee you, m21 will be using these beautifully coordinating fabrics in a future project. the geometric cut velvet you see in many of our photos is a particular favorite. so chic.

but maybe our favorite feature of our tour was duralee's line of custom dog beds, available in any of their fabrics- ted really wants one! (ok, ted could care less, but his dad would really like him to have one- how awesome is the coordinating bone pillow?)
a big thank you to duralee for their hospitality, as well as for their chic product, which we now know and love just a little bit better!


in the night sky said...

Awww, that dog bed and cushion are too cute!

CB said...

OMG swooning over these fabrics and the dog beds option! Amazing. Love.

Donna Frasca ♋ said...

Duralee rocks - super beautiful!

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Those fabrics are incredible! And that dog bed is way too cute.

Dovecote Decor said...

Love the beautiful fabrics! There is so much to see in High Point.