02 January 2012

sparkle in 2012- an acme1225 giveaway! (this one is for the ladies!)

hey girls, did santa forget to bring you a new piece of jewelry?

well, m21 and acme1225 are going to help fix that for you with our first giveaway of the year!

acme1225 is the brainchild of our dear friend, rochelle mayfield, an in-demand wardrobe and fashion stylist working out of the san francisco bay area, and also "the dame" behind the "the dame's got moxie" blog, "a fashion and beauty resource for the stacked woman".

when looking for that chic and unusual accessory to finish off a look, rochelle's search came up somewhat lacking, so she set out to create her own line of chic fashion jewelry, and provide herself with a ready resource!  rochelle's inspiration for the line "acme1225" came from a group of native craftspeople in johannesberg, south africa known as the inkwenkwezi, who took materials others discarded- like safety pins and telephone wire- and refashioned them into bangles and baskets to both adorn themselves, and sell for extra money. rochelle has updated the concept of these recycled craft projects by re-imagining them in luxe and unusual materials like colorful crystals imported from czechoslovakia, and safety pins in matte black and gunmetal finishes, and turned them into exquisite, one of a kind, works of art for the modern fashion-conscious woman. rochelle also realized that she could honor the indigenous african roots of her jewelry, after reading the shocking fact young girls in impoverished areas of africa are absent from school several days out of the month because they don’t have access to feminine hygiene products- something any western girl would simply take for granted- so she decided to donate a portion of her sales to the galkayo education center for peace and development, a program providing educational opportunities for young girls and job training for women in somalia.  fashion & good works- a great combo!

so as our first giveaway of 2012, maison21 and acme 1225 are giving away one of rochelle's cool creations! simply visit the acme1225 shop and select your favorite bracelet, and leave a comment on "the dame's got moxie" blog letting us know your selection (if there isn't an email connecting to your comment profile, be sure to click the link in rochelle's sidebar to send her your email info so she can contact you if you win, and please put "bracelet giveaway" in the subject line).  to spice things up, if you want to double your chances of winning , follow the dame on twitter, and if you want to enter a third time, simply like the dame on facebook! (again, be sure to email the dame with your comment and "bracelet giveaway" in the subject line, along with your twitter and FB info, so we can attach the right number entries to the proper person). also, please note that if the bracelet you've selected is no longer available at the time of our drawing, rochelle will reserve the right to substitute something equally chic to the winner- no matter, they're all good!)

we'll be announcing the winner on monday, january 9th! good luck, and may the moxie be with you!


wendy said...

This is for the giveaway - I left a comment on the other blog on one of the posts but I am not sure which post I am supposed to leave this comment on..HELP!

madamerkf at aol dot com

MJH Design Arts said...

The bracelets are gorgeous. Mary

MJH Design Arts said...

The bracelets are gorgeous. Have a super New Year. Mary

Karena said...

Love the Chantal Gunmetal with Fuchsia and Grey beads! Wonderful Giveaway Christian.

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Oops! Did I post a comment in the wrong bloggie area? I love GREER!!! Love love love. And I loves me some M21 too if that counts. And looking at your jewelry, I love you too!

Have a great 2012 with lots of success and happiness and love in your life.

Cindie White-Weiss