06 July 2012

thank you, sleepypod!

a couple weeks ago we ran into our friends from sleepypod at the dwell on design show, and finally met them in person, and though since we were at the convention center, they didn't have the chance to meet richard in person as well, they still were nice enough to send him a fabulous gift! and he LOVES it. took him all of 3 seconds to climb inside and he hasn't come out yet!

richard says "thanks sleepypod!".  he also says "eat your heart out, maru! i iz also cute cat who climbs in things!"


MJH Design Arts said...

Richard is such a ham--he knew that his picture was being taken. Very cool den!! Have a great week-end. Mary

Lucinda Pace said...

OMG! These photos are killing me.

tula said...

Now my cats want a Sleepy Pod! Lucky Richard :)

Patricia Gray said...

Brilliant it....and love Richard too!!

All the Best

katiedid said... made my evening....or Richard did. That reminds me....I better go feed the pups before they STARVE....or act like they are.

Suzy said...

too cute!

shiree segerstrom said...

How cute is THAT! Alas, I don't think Stormie weighing in at 22 lbs. would be able to find one in her size. Shiree