07 September 2012

come on in, and meet the small space big style showhouse designers!

take a peek behind the scenes at the inspiration behind the "small space big style" showhouse with california home + design's totally awesome editor-in-chief, erin feher, and her hand-picked brady bunch of california designers, including of course, moiself!

boy, i look like i'm intently measuring in this shot right? but don't believe everything you see on reality TV, cuz i'm really measuring air with a camera six inches from my face! i'd better get used to this this kind of thing, because like seemingly everyone else in LA, there could be a reality show in the works. stay tuned.

behind the door is a closet, right? nope, it's my bathroom, barely over 3 feet wide- talk about a "small space big style" challenge! here's a challenge for you: take your closet, add a toilet, sink and shower, and then tell me what you come up with! howdja do?  ;-)

 yup, totes ready for photography- get your camera over here, john ellis! (so happy he's our shooter, btw- he shot the palm springs residence in my portfolio, and did an amazing job)
all the designers have been working like little bees for months (personally, i have put in 10 quadrillion hours per square foot, no lie), but things have really taken shape over the last 48 hours, and one of my questions about a small space has finally been answered: just how many people can a 1400 sq ft space hold?  and the answer would be: an infinite number... somehow the space magically expands to accommodate more and more, because right now, i swear there are 100 million designers, assistants, painters, carpenters, contractors, plumbers, etc. all crammed into that little space, and all working together to transform a small space into some seriously big style!

and if you REALLY want to go inside the "small space big style" showhouse, it opens to the pubic september 14th- ready or not- so get your tickets here!

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