16 January 2013


there has been a whole lot of this:
and this:
goin' on around here this week as ted & richard's dad has been laid up in bed with the flu. it seems everyone we know either has it, or had it over christmas, and are finally feeling better. how about y'all? how are you faring this cold and flu season? i even got the shot, but alas, come down with anyway.

hopefully i'll be up and about soon, and spring is just around the corner for all of us, so we can banish this hideous cold/flu season goodbye for the year!  as for ted & richard, their lives won't change much, as laying around sleeping is pretty much all they do anyway.  ;-)

*pictures from the maison21 instagram feed- follow along for kicks (and more pictures of pets sleeping)


mary said...

Richard and Ted are looking FABULOUS--hope that you are up and moving asap. Mary

Ivy Lane said...

I hope you all get on the mend soon! I have been lucky so far..knock on flu...woo hoo..

Ivy Lane said...

M21, I hope you are on the mend! If you get a moment...please stop by my blog...I need opinions...suggestions on some mid-century modern seating that I happened upon while showing clients some homes the other day... Would be greatly appreciated! :)

Ivy Lane said...

Thank you for lending your opinion! I appreciate it! Hope you're feeling much better!