28 June 2013

save friday!

this is friday, a sweet, young energetic pit bull pup, who through no fault of his own, ended up in the south los angeles animal shelter. a neighbor came to me hoping i could help him find friday a permanent home, but before i could, animal control intervened and the pup was taken to the shelter.  where he is one of dozens of pit bulls,  meaning sadly, this happy boy is likely to go unnoticed, and thus in danger of being killed.  since i met friday in person, i know he is a gentle giant, someone's former pet and basically just a big happy pup in need of love and a little training. sadly, other people visiting the shelter may see a big, 77 lb male pitbull who might have been a stray or a fighter, and never think of him for adoption.  he can be put down at anytime. i can't let that happen.

look at what a sweet boy he is:

so friday needs our help. if you know anyone who might want him, or anyone who can foster him, PLEASE put them in touch with the shelter. his ID is #A1402059, and if a qualified non-profit rescue group agrees to take him on as a foster, he also comes with about a $1000 worth of pledges (for obvious reasons, this offer is not open to individuals), so any rescue, please get in touch with me personally.

friday has his own facebook page, to make him easy to share, so please help me save this boy's life!

ps: while friday has me to help network him, so many other pets don't. next door to friday was bella (#A1398916), an owner surrendered lab/pit mix who was so desperate for attention, she literally flattened her entire body against the the bars of her cage and quivered in anticipation of being petted, and in the cat room kittens were literally trying to crawl through the wires of their cages to come out to play with me. so heartbreaking. PLEASE make adoption your first option!
bella, so sweet and so hungry for love...
look at the loving eyes on this guy
please let me out to play!
ridiculously cute- adopt today!
UPDATE: friday was rescued by the smiling dog rescue in tucson AZ, and is available for adoption! arizonans, get on this!


My Notting Hill said...

They all look so sweet, I hope they all find loving homes.

I thought you'd want to know though that when I clicked on Friday's facebook page it didn't connect. Maybe I needed to be signed into facebook first? Not sure but wanted you to know.

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...gosh..he's so handsome...what a gorgeous color he is and that big pink mouth and those eyes! What a gorgeous dog! I hope this is successful in finding him a home. All those animals break my heart. said...

Our dogs, who are both from the pound, are tucked up in bed and snoring like a couple of steam trains. I can hardly bear to think of Bella and the boy with the soft eyes behind bars, just waiting and hoping. I will only ever rescue my dogs and you do a wonderful job reminding us all of that need, and strengthening our resolve. I thank you and I hope Friday (and Bella and Mr Softeyes) are all homed.

My Love Wedding Ring said...

I hope that your post really raises the profile of the centre, pets in rescue centres aren;t there through their choice, so it is heartbreaking to know that most end up being put to sleep - I hope this gorgeous guy finds a lovely new home!