26 September 2013

tom scheerer decorates

m21 doesn't often get tongue-tied- seriously, i am never at a loss for words- but i have to admit i did get a little starstruck earlier this evening at the beautiful hollyhock showroom during the book signing for "tom scheerer decorates". i mean, i knew i respected the man for his amazing relaxed, yet decorative interiors (no small feat), and for our shared love of bentwood furniture and saarinen tables, but i didn't expect him to be all nice and tall and handsome and personable and stuff, so that threw me off my game a little bit (we talked hair products, you know, as you do at a book signing for a interior design legend in the making). you know it's funny, somehow i always expect my fellow designers to be a little diva-esque when they are also super talented like tom, but when i've met those designers whose work i admire in person, to a one, they've all been lovely, genuine people.  i guess that sort of accessibility translates into good work.

anyhoo, i suggest, no, i order you to buy mr. scheerer's new book- it's all kinds of awesome, and mimi read does a fantastic job of putting words to the pretty pictures. you won't regret your purchase, decorator's honor...

ps- thanks to vendome press for sending me my review copy (which is now signed- yay!). i woulda bought it anyway, but it's always nice to get a package in the mail.  ;-)

pps- thanks to max humphrey of burnham design for letting me press him into being my photographer tonight. see? talented designers really are nice people too!


Anonymous said...

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Raina Cox said...

May I be envious of Mr. Scheerer for getting to spend quality time with you?

tula said...

we just got this book!