23 March 2014

on the case (cased glass that is)

i recently ran across this picture of a painting i painted way back in 2001. it was the first painting i ever sold, so i was proud to create it and then let it go. i also got a little misty when i saw my former collection of white cased glass, i used to accessorize the photo.

 ...which i later sold to one of my favorite interior design peeps, the talented molly luetkemeyer, and while i got a little misty seeing it in my painting photo,  i don't regret passing it on one bit, because doesn't it look great in molly's project?

 but it did get me thinking it's time to start another collection, or at least get some sources together for a future client project. maybe like this chic set of vintage italian empoli glass pieces from vmglasshouse.

or this set of vintage holmegaard gulvases from j. lohmann gallery.

 there are lots of great new cased glass pieces being created by artisans like joe cariati

 and though i was inspired by white cased glass, i'm absolutely crazy for these black and red pieces from niche modern.
so yeah, probably time to get on the case(d) again.  ;-) 


franki durbin said...

Seeing groupings of glass gourds EVERYWHERE right now and I love it. Most of it so large that it's more along the lines of floor accessories than tabletop. Of course... with pets or toddlers this is an absolute no, but it doesn't stop me from loving it any less :)

Debra Phillips said...

joy had to erupt seeing your first sold painting and alas a former accessory love. but indeed the latest collections are stunning, particularly joe carati