08 August 2014

maison21 interior design project peek

the coolest thing about having a couple comprised of a talented photographer, matt armendariz and equally talented stylist, adam pearson, as clients, is that you know you are going to get some great photos out of the project!  so when this photo popped up in my instagram feed, courtesy of matt, i got super excited. stay tuned for the rest of the house, hopefully via a print or online magazine as we are definitely going to shop this project for publication!


Nita Stacy said...

Love it! Love the colors you used. It's stays true to the architecture but is still fun and fresh.

Laurie Lindqvist@Inspiredyetagain said...

Enjoying this glimpse of an obviously well designed space. The tiles, different shades and sizes, on the! Those beautiful drapes, the colorful blocks on the table, and the fun bit of pillows that can be seen in this image has me wanting to see more.

Kimberly Lemmon said...

So nice to see a peek of one of your projects. That curtain fabric is to die for and it's so great to see someone using so much color!!