16 September 2017

new maison21 interior design website coming soon!

i've started working on a new website, and who knows, someday i might even blog again. feel free to enter your email to get an update if i do. don't worry about spam- post-surgery me will never have the manual dexterity to write a weekly news letter or anything crazy like that! in the meantime, as usual, follow me on instagram for cute pictures of my pets. twitter is all politics, and i'm not accepting new FB friend requests right now, though feel free to like my maison21 FB page. posts there are mostly my IG feed, with the occasional panda video or real estate listing, so something for everyone!

i'm slowly making my way back into the real world and hope to be interacting with y'all soon.

ps- i hope all my imaginary internets friends (YOU) are well! xoxoxo!

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