15 April 2008

los angeles antiques show, april 23rd - 27th

just want to alert all of you out there in local blogland (should maison21 happen to have any local readers- and i'm talking to you, anon, as my only known l.a. reader) to the los angeles antiques show, april 23rd-27th. the displays and merchandise that the dealers bring to this show can be fantastic, and as an added bonus, there are several lectures for us decorating fanatics that sound particularly promising, including talks on john dickinson, michael taylor and samuel marx (maison21 would love to attend all 3 of those if he can find the time, as the subjects are all in his pantheon of design gods).

will maison21 see you there?

(photo, is not of a piece to be displayed at show, rather it is maison21's favorite piece in the getty museum's fabulous decorative arts collection- an over the top boulle cabinet, circa 1680. god bless you, louis xiv!).


Suzy said...

I wish!

maison21 said...

i wish you could meet me there too, suzy! it would be fun!

Anonymous said...

Who ME? [asleep at the back of the class]
Yes sir! I'm paying attention. It's just that the posts are so few and far between, sometimes I doze off. [wiping slobber from my cheek]
Hmmm... interesting—and totally out of my price range. But it might be worth it just to see if I can catch a glimpse of KW's pruny butt crack.

maison21 said...

glad to know you are still out there, anon!

and KW's pruny ass? i don't know if kanye west even likes antiques...