27 September 2008

chic gifts on beverly blvd.

maison21 drives or walks down a small stretch beverly boulevard boulevard here in los angeles virtually every day- it's close to his 'hood and has two of his favorite restaurants: bld- for just that, breakfast, lunch and dinner (try the pork burger- it's amazing), and the landmark el coyote- not so hot mexican food, but more than made up for by oodles of atmosphere (tip: order the margaritas from scratch).

the area also has some really great decor shopping: dana john, lawson-fenning, ernest gregory, brenda antin and walnut wallpaper, amongst others (read all about the fabulous walnut wallpaper here at beachbungalow8). as we said, we frequent all these places often, so m21 was surprised on a recent trip to walnut to discover a store that he had never stepped into before: ige.

ige (rhymes with ebay, according to owner helene ige) is a chic little gift store- just the kind of place you want to go to before a friend's birthday, a baby shower or a house warming. lots of chic housewares, adorable children's toys, and assorted oddities. we loved it.

this original ige design wood mobile would be a perfect touch in a chic nursery.

a little macabre maybe, but these little birds in bronze, silver and gold leaf were one of our favorite items in the store.

these little handknit booties made maison21's ovaries throb, and he doesn't even have any!

our favorite item had to be this sweet little humpty-dumpty doll (along with his equally adorable girlfriend, eggberta). designed and handmade by helene and her mother, these will for sure be purchased for the next baby shower maison21 attends...

7382 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Pigtown-Design said...

Who knew you were such a cutie pie!!! Great picture of you and the baby!

maison21 said...

thanks, meg- mona is definitely the more photogenic of the two of us!

you know, i was so reluctant about putting a picture of myself on my blog- it's so NOT me to do so. but after recently submitting pictures for inclusion in a magazine article (sadly not going to be published, btw- i wuz rejected), i figured, what the heck? if i was willing to let my photo run in a national publication with a circulation of millions, what's holding me back about putting it on my blog with a readership of dozens?

Pigtown-Design said...

hundreds!!! or more!

there are a few pix of me lurking around on my blog. there's one in a mirror and someone made the crack that they could see that i ate in restaurants a lot... bitch.

Suzy said...

love the pic, and the fact that your ovaries were throbbing...too cute!

maison21 said...


i am a true baby-holic, so the crack about my ovaries throbbing, isn't so far from the truth. though i could never personally raise a raise a child (m & r are enough of a challenge for me), i am in favor of all other members of my family breeding as prolifically as possible, and can't wait for my 5 nieces and nephews to step up to the plate! nothing is cuter than a baby, especially when you can return it to it's parents for changing! (though i've done plenty of that, too...)

Visual Vamp said...

ige like ebay, like i gay?
what a cute shop!
BTW the new photo of you in the right hand margin is very becoming - so nice to have your pretty face go along with the nice person :-)
xo xo

maison21 said...

thanks, vamp! the i in ige is pronounced like a long e, so it would be closer to "he gay" :)

tula said...

ige rhymes with ebay? never in five thousand years would i have guessed that. i learned something today! thank you maison!

pve design said...

makes me want to host a baby shower - right in that shop and invite you too.

maison21 said...

tula- i wouldn't have known either, but i overheard the owner explain the pronunciation to someone else. have you been to the store? it's so adorable...

pve- let me know the date and time for the shower- i'm there!