19 April 2012

i'm so excited! (high point market anticipation!)

m21 is super excited that in just a few days he will be again immersed in the excitement of high point market- can't wait to see new introductions and old friends! the sitter for the kids is arranged, and the bags are ... well, they ain't packed, but that will be sorted before take off!

if you are unable to attend this market, be sure to follow the #HPmkt hash tag on twitter, as well as maison21 on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram (@maison21)- it will be almost like you are there! (and you really should consider being there yourself in the fall- i can't tell you how great it is to see all teh new products in one convenient city-sized stop, and well as enjoy the incredible connections made across the industry. seriously, it all happens in HP.)

here's some highlights from last market to whet your appetite for what's to come:
a bevy of bloggers at the 4 hands showroom.

can't wait to see my friends at 220 elm!


michelle ginnerty of my notting hill relaxes in dwell studio

me and my girls, at sunset

the phillips collection
one of the MANY parties- this one at halo was a total blast! ('scuse the robot eyes)

global views

and if you are in high point for market, and you see a familiar bearded face across a crowded showroom, PLEASE say "hey!"- remember, high point is all about connections to products and people, so let's connect, peeps!


Splendid Sass said...

JEALOUS! Will be following along on twitter!
Have fun.

shiree segerstrom said...

Have a great time Christian. The weather should be beautiful right now. Looking forward to your posts and trend spotting! Shiree'

Donna said...

I'm already here at High Point!! Hope to run into you while I'm here!!!

maison21 said...

thanks for following along teresa! and i'm ashamed to admit, i found i didn't follow you back on twitter, so that has been corrected! you know i loves me some splendid sass!

shiree, RAIN is in teh forecast and you know how we southern californians react poorly when faced with water falling from the sky... ;-)

donna- PLEASE say hey if you see me! love to meet in person!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, I'm really enjoying your #hpmkt posts on Twitter! I'm Amy, designer/inventor whatevah, of Lofty Expressions. I appreciate your humor! Design without humor isn't creation as we were created! : )

5th and State said...

will be there in the fall.

bring it on christian!