02 December 2012

lovely lapicida (a showroom visit with modenus blogtour london 2012)

i admit it- i am a jaded interior designer, and not easily impressed so when see something that blows my socks off, i am always tremendously excited; such were my feelings after taking a tour of the stunning lapicida showroom during blogtour london. i was seriously impressed by the level of skill and craftsmanship of what i saw, and the tour made me incredibly excited about the possibilities of using stone in new and luxurious ways. now all i need is a client with the deep pockets and keen desire for the best to allow me to work some stone cold magic. so inspired, still, 3 months later!
interior of lapicida's entry vestibule

and exterior- clever for a stone company, i thought.
i have NO idea how they accomplish this magic, but this is metal plated stone- i got VERY excited over the possibilities here.

etched and plated, inspired by 1950's italian designs. the chic side of retro.
this deco inspired design shows lapacida's CNC carving abilities- if you can imagine it, they can carve it. very cool technology.

more CNC carving- this is NOT cast plaster, but solid stone panels. chic. chic. chic.
i want this detail in the doorway to my living room from my entrance hall. grand, traditional and modern, all in one.

the lighting in the showroom by uk lighting designer, john cullen, was almost as impressive as the stone, and again, very inspiring.
polished marble and inlaid metal banding- i can haz in my bathroom, plz?

more bathroom goodness.

hope you enjoyed out showroom tour- visit the lapicida website to learn more!
and visit the modenus website to learn more about our other amazing blogtour sponosrs!


Igor Josifovic said...

Great memories, Christian! It was such a great showroom and I am still enthralled by the variety of antique stone to choose from. said...

Those etched and plated 50s italian design inspired tiles? The chic side of retro? I bags 'em.

International Decor said...

wow! its amazing, thanks

Italian corner said...

i love your pretty tastes

Lisa McMahon said...

Exquisite! Check out Tania Vartan - she just reverse glass painted a table backed in gold leaf for Peter Marino with a very similar effect as the metal plated stone.
Best, Lisa McMahon

Dawna said...

What a coincidence,today on my blog I talked about using stone as a feature as well on a wall,it seems way to beautiful to break it up into pieces. Very inspiring Christian!

Robin Horton / Urban Gardens said...

That was such a wonderful day, Christian! I beautiful showroom and the champagne made it easy for me to imagine having some of this gorgeous stone im my own home...