26 November 2012

hooray for huppé! (a visit to 220 elm at high point market)

where has the time gone this year? i swear i just stepped off the plane yesterday from my bi-annual visit to the fabulous high point market, but here it is, 6 weeks later and i'm just now posting about my sponsor! and i haven't even sorted through all my photos of the rest of my favorite market finds. crazy. i have a feeling i will blink my eyes and wake up in 2013 (if, of course, the planet survives 12/21/2012). time needs to slow down for a second and let a fella catch his breath!
love how these modular storage units by huppé combine natural black walnut with bright, saturated color.
at high point market in october, as usual, one of my "must" stops was to see my friends in the 220 elm building. if you haven't been, 220 elm is probably the best place to get a concentrated dose of modern design while at market, especially if you are a furniture retailer- lots of retail friendly price points and manufacturers who can deliver in volume. i know personally as a designer, i draw lots of inspiration from the modern international designs showcased in the 220 elm building, and it seems there is always a new showroom to visit that i didn't know about before...
these bunching tables epitomize the sleek, minimalist lines of huppé's designs

this market, i was introduced to huppé furniture, a brand out of quebec that fittingly combines sophisticated & modern french styling with canadian practicality (ie- european style without the import price tag). huppé manufactures in canada, using a lot of american black walnut, making it a truly regional north american product, so ya gotta love that!  their designs are perfect for urban living, as they deliver deliver lots of sleek style at a budget friendly price point. their more up-market "up" collection really caught my eye, with beautiful natural finishes, and every piece has a finished back- so important for open-plan living!

a stand out huppé piece is this modern take on a bachelor's chest. love the graining!
and voila! it opens to reveal clever storage.
i wish every furniture company would finish the backs of things- sometimes you just gotta float stuff in the middle of a room!
i really loved huppé's natural finishes- you just want to run your hands over them.
perfectly proportioned.
digging the vertical lines of this media wall storage. most rooms in modern construction need vertical, not horizontal lines and the black and white graphicness of it all doesn't hurt, either! ;-)
a big thank you to 220 elm and huppé for a lovely market visit, and i hope you enjoyed my virtual recap. the huppé website has a much more complete view of their line, so i encourage you to visit!

ps- i titled this post "hooray for huppé" because hooray is the closest thing i could think of to rhyme with their name- "huppé" is pronounced something like "who-pay", not "hup-pee", as this ignorant american first thought- don't want you to make the same mistake! ;-)

**thanks to jill seidner of material girls, my #hpmkt partner in crime, for taking the opening picture for this post- she captured my "high point high" just perfectly!


Dawna said...

I love their line of furniture it is incredible! What a honor it must be to represent such a fantastic company! If we don't make it to the end of the world it was great knowing you Christian! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your style and wit! Do you ever take interns? I'm graduating from DISD in San Diego this summer and would love to intern with you!

Mel Brandle said...

My mate recently ordered online a Huppe piece of furniture. I saw it at his place, and it is just sleek in design and the storage spaces are concealed. I wonder if we are able to find a similar kind of design locally, without having to order online. My wife likes to touch the furniture to have a sense of the material and make before buying it.