02 January 2014

a 2014 resolution. for serious. (with bonus mixed metaphors!)

we gonna get serious here for a minute... my challenge for 2014 is to enjoy the journey. i'm one of those people who if things don't go exactly as planned (or better), i feel like a failure, and that's just not reality. life has twists and turns and unexpected moments, good and bad, and they are all part of the deal.   sometimes, i'm gonna swing, and i'm going to miss- terribly- but how many other people don't even get a chance to step up to the plate?

so this year, i'm stepping up to the plate, i'm swinging, and i'm giving myself a pat on the back no matter how badly i swing and i miss. it's the experience of trying that counts, and i have to be honored to even be put in the game (me. mixing in a sports analogy, no matter how mangled... who knew?)

this is going to be the ONE thing i try to keep in mind for 2014: enjoying the journey. learning to love trying and failing as much as i love trying and succeeding; enjoying the good AND the bad because it takes both to live a life. i know that being afraid to fail can keep a person paralyzed in place, and worse, viewing taking a chance and not succeeding, as a failure, can make a person bitter and resentful and i refuse to go down those paths on my journey- 2014 is not about that. it's about the opposite of those things. it's about reframing the bad shit into something positive, because there is always a bright side.

so i'm taking the pitch, giving it my best, and shaking it off if i don't succeed the first time- with a dash of peptalk from the coach (me) for getting out there in the first place.

batta batta, swing!

whats your resolution?

*for serious photo courtesy of the urban electric company. we will be sharing our adventures with them next week!


Raina Cox said...

I resolve to finish painting the seafoam green trim in my new house charcoal and to be be sick for less than 90 days in 2014. Both are a challenge with a 7-year-old.

Oh, and to be a better person. Or something.

Also, is it just me or is your hair getting more awesome?

My Notting Hill said...

Good for you! I happened to love baseball and it's easy to pick out the batter who has a great attitude & loves their up-at-bat. Best wishes for a terrific journey and happy 2014?

janie said...

Great photo---good luck with your resolution!

Dawna Jones Design said...

I think your awesome Christian and can't imagine you not being successful at what you put your heart and mind too. For me it's going to be doing what I love the best full time no matter what. We are also building house #5 and I'm excited to blog about the experience.

Happy new year my friend.

designchic said...

A great resolution, and certainly we could all use that reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in every detail. Here's to "enjoying the journey"!!

R said...

I love your resolution! This year I want to focus more on my family and less on work and the house.

Donna Benedetto said...

When you are a type A person it is hard to give yourself some slack.
The key is to sometimes relax and let life take you on the ride. We think we are so in control of everything in our lives and the reality is we aren't. Things just don't always go as planned. The key is to laugh it off, get back up and try a new angle! I am a firm believer there is always a reason things come out the way they due, it is gods way of moving you in the direction you need to be going in. The key is to enjoy the ride.
I am totally with you on this!

katiedid said...

Yay! Just think, you will get to flex your muscles swinging that bat and feel the breeze. The more you swing, the closer you get to home.

Anonymous said...

I am way to old to change into a different person. Rather I am committed to the changes involved with the last chapter of my life. My health and mind are good, I have sifficent income, treasured friends, interesting job and interesting advocations. What I hope to accomplish is an increased serenity about all that. None of the above came easily! Letting go of the competitiveness, is hard. I love to win. In the future I am going to define winning differently. Thank you for this opportunity to state all that and good luck to you and achieving your goals.

Suzy said...

Good resolution Christian!

maison21 said...

happy new year to everyone! hope youe 2014 is off to a good start!

franki durbin said...

Beautiful thoughts. My mantra is "fearless" this year. Similar to your thinking: it's all about full on fearless effort, being willing to fail, but knowing I will get back up and keep going even if I tumble in my sky high heels. You only fail if you quit... and people like us never do. Let's do this!