20 January 2014

maison21 in living etc!

"be daring the in the downstairs loo" i love it!
it's kind of a special honor when a lil ol' los angeles interior designer makes an international print magazine like living etc., so i was thrilled when my friend, lifestyle writer extraordinaire, abigail stone, texted me last night letting me know my california home + design showhouse bathroom was in the pages of their february 2014 issue! cross another thing off my design achievement bucket list- i've made the pages of one of my favorite magazines in the entire world (and because of the distance thing, a magazine i didn't imagine i'd ever be in 'til someone asked me to design their london townhouse! which, you know, i'm available for whenever).


i'd like to thank talented interior design photographer bethany nauert for taking the photo and submitting it to living etc., and i'd also like to thank tracy hiner of black crow studios for working with me to make our wallpaper THE statement making paper it is! remember, you can buy it in five different colorways, from mild to wild on the black crow studios website! (self promotional sidenote- tracy and i are working on expanding the maison21 collection as i type, so stay tuned for the more wallpapery goodness from bcs & m21!)

thanks again, living etc!


MJH Design Arts said...

Congratulations! What is next up in 2014?

tula said...

woo hoo! congratulations!