22 April 2014

la cienega design quarter's 6th annual "legends of la cienega" may 7-9th! (oh yeah, AND MY RUGS!!!!)

i can hardly contain my excitement right now! in a little over two weeks, the 6th annual "legends of la cienega" design festival gets underway with 3 days of fabulous window installations, parties, panels and general awesomeness. the theme this year is "novel interiors; story telling by design" and i am delighted to be designing the window of woven accents on melrose along of a theme of the classic novel, "the 1001 arabian nights".
i am also trés excited because this festival brings together not only all my friends from here in los angeles, but also design friends from all over the world! i mean, look at the stellar roster of my buddies assembled to be social media ambassadors!

last, as you may know, i am also debuting my first line of licensed rugs for 27 ground & woven accents in conjunction with my window installation, and can't wait to unleash my designs on the world. for the last 6 months, i've also been hyping my launch party which was to happen pre-legends, but unfortunately, there are too many events associated with the festival for me to secure a date and time for my little soiree, so instead i invite you to stop by friday, may 9th at 4:00 before the domaine home panel at woven accents to preview my rugs and share a glass of wine with me  (invite above- panel starts at 4:30). i'm superstoked to finally be sharing my collection with the world, so i hope you'll stop by!

see you on la cienega! (and on melrose at woven accents, directly across from the PDC!)

ps- my rugs will also be at ICFF in NYC may 17th-20th, booth 2166!


Katy Byrne said...

Congratulations!!! I would love to go to the La Cienega event

MJH Design Arts said...

Not scheduled yet--so it is looking like I'll be there.