12 April 2014

maison21 in enlightenment magazine

i'm waiting for my martha stewart style backlash...
a sincere thank you to linda longo of enlightenment magazine for the coverage she gave the panel discussion on "social media and the design community: how to encourage influencers to grow your brand" that i participated in at las vegas market in january with gretchen aubouchon corey damen jenkins and michelle workman.  it was so nice to read the recap, because when you are up there in front of people, tryin' to be witty and clever it's sort of hard to remember what was said! you can read it here ( i also recommend subscribing as enlightenment magazine  as it is a great way to keep up with lighting industry trends!)


MJH DesignArts said...

Great article. As we all know "likes" do not necessarily carry much weight. Once again, it is integrity that matters. Bravo on the new line of rugs.

maison21 said...

thanks, mary!