06 October 2014

hello, i'm maison21, and i'd like you to follow me on instagram! #followme #design #itsfun

 hello loyal readers! (those three who have weathered thru the last 7 years of this crazy social media journey with me!)

i know you haven't been seeing much of me around here, and that's because i'm super busy, but i do love to stay in contact, so while the blog may be a twice a month activity, i am an instagram FIEND, and post 4-5 times a day on my feed... so you can follow along at @maison21 on IG, or if you aren't quite ready to commit to IG, or to commit to following yet another interior designer, check out my tumblr blog- all my instagrams post there automatically.  my IG/tumblr feed is a smorgasbord of design, pets, flowers, sunsets and sometimes life's little absurdities- always visual and i thnk, always fun. you be the decider.

either way- 2x a month or 4x a day, we'll see you on the internets!


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