13 October 2014

welcome back, california home + design magazine! (and thank you!)

i couldn't be more excited by the return of california home + design magazine! and to have one of my shapes collection rugs (for 27 ground available exclusively thru woven accents) featured in the debut issue, well that's just icing on the cake.

a print magazine launching in today's environment is a rare and fragile thing, so i urge you, to run to the newsstands and BUY THIS MAGAZINE!  support print! it is truly the magazine that "gets" my POV and that POV of my peers. if you live outside of CA, find your city's newsstand with teh most international magazines and CHD will be there. oh, and look for the gorgeous cover of my buddy molly luetkemeyer's coldwater canyon project (shot by jon coolidge). simply amazing. molly has always been super supportive of my career, so i couldn't be more pleased to see her prodigious talent get some print coverstory love. i've always said, if i wasn't an interior designer myself, i'd hire molly to do my house... but i am, so hire me- she's waaaaaay too busy for you. tee hee. ;-)

welcome back CH+D and long live print!

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MJH DesignArts said...

I love holding books and mags. in my hands. Just can't get used to Kindle and online mags. Mary