28 December 2014

new year, new work.

48" x 36"

36" x 24"

36" x 24"

20" x 16" 
29" x 22"

24" x 36"
here's some paintings i've been working on in the last bits of 2014. even though i've been crazy busy, the urge to create was strong enough that i somehow i fit it in. in a way, i think the creative outlet saved me from going crazy with design problems and deadlines! ;-) i am really looking forward to see what creative directions 2015 holds!


MJH DesignArts said...

Love them--the top painting is my favorite--great energy. Happy New Year!! xoxo Mary

The Office Stylist said...

These look awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)

The Office Stylist

Minnie said...

Really like the top and bottom black and white pieces. The third one down - blue and white opp - is pretty nifty, too.