08 December 2014

maison21 in interior design magazine's fall market tabloid.

when i went back to design school as an adult, i initially went back to school to study product design but the first two years of the undergrad program was very similar to interior design, and there was much crossover. i eventually discovered that the study of product design could get a waaaaay too engineer-y, and was also rather limiting, so if i wanted to make pretty things and environments, interiors, not products, might be the best way to go.  obvs, i choose interior design, but the love of product design has always stayed with me so it's a major thing for me to have licensed product lines with 27ground for woven accents and black crow studios.

during one of my classes we were asked to name three career goals:  first, i wrote, was showing product at the international contemporary furniture fair in NYC (check), second, was having my products featured in one of interior design magazine's market issues, and third was to have something i designed selected to be in the permanent collection of MOMA.

well, with the publication of the fall market tabloid last month, number two is off my bucket list as well- thank you interior design magazine for helping to make my dreams come true.

so this means MOMA, i'm coming for you next!  wanna buy a rug?


MJH DesignArts said...

Congrats! Keeping on checking. You might just have to start a new list. xoxo Mary

franki durbin said...

Make those plans & crush them! One by one! LOL!