04 January 2008

stormwatch 2008!

it's a dark and stormy day here in los angeles, and maison21 wants to stay inside under the covers, cozy and warm. well, dark and stormy is a bit of an exaggeration- more like overcast with the threat of rain. los angeles is scheduled for 3 days of rain, which to us angelenos is an impending disaster, the equivalent of a blizzard in less temperate climes (the local stations will be blaring "stormwatch 2008!" promos for the evening news every commercial break- ugh). but maison21 wasn't exaggerating about his desire to stay inside, safe and dry. having been raised here in southern california, m21 is a weather-phobe, anything other than sunny and 80 degrees is an anomaly and probably best avoided. extreme weather, like rainstorms or god forbid, snow, is something one visits while on vacation, not something one lives with regularly. i don't know how you people do it in colder climates... :)

but alas, maison21 must face the day- stormwatch! or not- my brother and his delightful new bride of 2 years are driving up from san diego, and we are going to spend the afternoon at lacma viewing the currently running dali exhibit, followed by an early dinner at comme ça, a new french brasserie. as my brother's wife lives in connecticut the majority of the time, and he spends a good portion of his time on business in northern europe, i doubt i can convince them that it's positively dangerous to venture out on such a stormy day and to instead join me in enjoying some delivered food and a bottle of wine in front of the fire. oh well, maison21 will have to brave the stormwatch! i know- rough life, eh?

the photo is of the stormwatch! view out of one of my upstairs windows. the 1930's french normandy building across the street just spent the year being remodeled from a triplex into a duplex by it's owners. if you follow a line down directly from the tallest peak of the building, you'll see where the front walk splits and half of it ends at a blank wall where another front door used to be. i wonder if they are going to leave the front walk like that, or re-landscape? time will tell. maison21 is just thankful they didn't mess with the exterior of the building (much), as it really is a great example of the architecture of los angeles in the 1920's and 1930's. we don't respect our past much in los angeles, so maison21 is thrilled when buildings aren't just razed and macmansions or minimalls erected in their place.

ps- this post was put up in honor of my sixty day blog-aversary. i promised myself that i would do at least a post a day for the first 2 months to build some back content before i got lazy and slacked off. well, with this post, i hit 50 posts in the first 60 days, shy of my goal, but pretty impressive follow through for a full-time procrastinator and some-time slacker such as moiself.


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare slack off, M21! If you want people to read, you have to post regularly, stormwatch or not! Stay safe, and as the British like to say, "Don't forget to put on your rubbers, mate!

maison21 said...

don't worry anonymous- no plans to slack off- i'm having too much fun blogging!

thanks for reading!

katiedid said...

Well I am happy to say I have found you! A truly informative and quite amusing blog that will be visited by moi often in 2008! I look forward tolearning much more about the decorative arts from you and will be watching for treasures from your store.

A new admirer: Katie

P.S. I hope you do not mind, but I am linking you on my blog!

maison21 said...

hi katie-

thanks for visiting!

i swear- 2008 is all about sychronicity- as i just visited your blog for the first time yesterday! coincidence or the universe moving in mysterious ways?

loved your holiday decor pics- all the citrus juxtaposed next to the blue and white was a yummy combo. i remember doing clove spiked oranges for decor with my mom and sister as kid, so your tiered centerpiece brought back fond memories.

i'm adding your link as well- happy 2008!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Deea maison - CONGRATULATIONS!! I cant believe it's been 60 posts ALREADY - I still remember your first one - and I've got to get back and oil those orchids!! :-) :-)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Maison - I'd like to add - I agree with Anon - who will make us learn laugh and lerve glitzy tiled zebras if you dont!!!??