18 January 2008

will you still love me? (maison21 apologizes to his adoring fans- all 3 of you- and invites a guest blogger to post for him)

my daddy apologies for his lack of posts this week- he has been very busy but promises me that he's working on new material. so i thought i'd tell you about my week!

mostly it was same old, same old. slept a lot. worked my cuteness so i got lots of treats and belly rubs (never enough, though. can't these humans see how starved i am?). had some fun times chasing my little brother, richard the cat (fun, except for when HE starts it at 4 in the morning! he's SO immature sometimes). got in some good walks, and saw a squirrel up close 'til he ran up a palm tree. that was exciting, and i had to check that same spot for the next few days in case he came back!

wednesday, while my daddy had lunch with a new fun friend and got a sneak peek at some building under construction or something (he says he's not allowed to tell who's building it was but that it was FABULOUS and you will all see it soon enough in a national publication), i had a spa day at pour la pooch, where i got my hair and nails done. gia, the owner lady, is really, really sweet and gives me lots and lots of chicken treats. i almost don't mind going! almost.

aren't i pretty now, though? after i come home from pour la pooch with my new haircut, people actually ask me if i'm a puppy! don't you wish you could have a haircut that took 10 years off your age? i smell real nice when i come home, too- i think i
always smell real nice but my dad calls me "stinky" a lot. silly humans, they just don't stop to smell the roses (btw, roses, or any other plant, smell best if they were just peed on by another doggie).

ok, i have to go take a nap now, because my dad is doing more boring work stuff. he needs to get out more (i mean outside... with me!)



send treats- i'm starving here!


nunu pepe' said...

okay you're forgiven now come over here so I can scratch your tummy. hee hee. Love your blog :)

Leah said...

You are ADORABLE, dog. Who could resist those big brown eyes?

Are you part corgi? If so, I have the perfect corgi bitch for you. Her name is Bonnie. You can check her out here:

Bonnie's mom

maison21 said...

hi nunu-

thanks for visiting my dad's blog- he's happy you like it. he like yours too. now enough with the chit-chat, and gimme that belly rub!



maison21 said...

hi bonnie's mom-

thanks for thinking i'm adorable! my dad thinks i'm pretty adorable as well- in fact when he adopted me, my name was "prettygurl" for 3 days until he decided on "mona". he says he decided on mona both because of my enigmatic smile and the vast repertoire of noises i make when i want attention or food (which i always want btw, got any?)

does your pretty corgi make noise like me? i am a corgi, but my ears never stood up, so i look a little different. plus, my daddy keeps me shaved to cut down on the amount of fur drifts that accumulate all over the house, no matter how much he vacuums. if he could only shave my little brother, richard the cat, too, he'd be a happy camper.

bonnie looks really nice- maybe if she's ever in los angeles, we could play or something. i like to sit in the front yard while my dad is doing stuff outside and wait for people to walk by- if they are mean and don't stop to pet me, my herding instinct takes over and i make them move along by being right on their heels. it never gets old! bonnie would would have fun if she joined me!

does bonnie have any extra food she doesn't need? i could use a snack right about now...



All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

maison!! I am totally laughing here!!!!!!! ( I know - I always say this when I come over for a visit - but its TRUE!!)

I know I suggested a guest blogger!!

But I never expected a pooch!

This takes the cake!!!

your pooch should start his own blog!! :-)

Hope to hear from him again soon!!

Leah said...

Hi Mona,

Bonnie told me to tell you that you look like you'd be a lot of fun to play and maybe herd some cats with, but that if you even look in the *direction* of her food, she will fuck you up.

OK, later.

Bonnie's mom

maison21 said...

hi abbt-

i've had a lot of fun filling in for my dad- he rather likes the break, too. my little brother found out i got to do a guest blog, so now he wants a turn. but i think that sounds like a stupid idea- what's he gonna blog about? his never ending war against the styrofoam peanuts that always end up under furniture in the house, 'cause of my dad's packing? or how mad he is right now 'cause he had to take a bath today?

nobody cares about cat stuff. people want to hear about important stuff, like do doggie snacks have better flavors in hong kong? i bet they do, and i'd like to try some RIGHT NOW!



maison21 said...

dear bonnie's mom-

give bonnie this message for me:


looking forward to stealing bonnie's food,


Patricia Gray said...

Too are so very adorable. In my next life I want to come back as you..pampered pooch!!

Anonymous said...

Mona, I hope you're watching the dog series on KCET.

maison21 said...

thanks patricia! my dad says in his next life he wants to come back as you- you lucky lamps winner!



maison21 said...


i don't like watching dogs unless i can smell them too, so i took a nap. my dad caught the last bit, and want to watch the whole thing if they repeat it (no tivo in our house).

like i said, i don't like watching t.v. so much, but i DO like treats- got any?

oxoxo- mona

Suzy said...

Dear Mona, great first post! Maybe if my Mum gets tired of writing her blog she'll let us do a guest post too! We have heaps of food to share because we're both on a model diet at the moment (we're not eating - and Mum says its because we're too picky) but I'm not sure you'd like fine cut tune with crab meat...we're not too into playing, just sleeping really. But it would still be fun to meet!

Miao Miao
from Suzy's cats
Costa & Rica

maison21 said...

hi costa and rica!

i like cats, and i especially like cats that don't eat their food! and when i'm done eating the cat's food, i like to sleep too!

thanks for the miaos! woofs back to you-


Anonymous said...

Hey Mona, give your daddy this link if he's in the mood for a chuckle
Oh and tell him to get his butt in gear and get back to posting about design, before he gets busted by PETA for making you work on his behalf. Your paws must be sore from so much typing!

Habitually Chic said...

Oh Mona,

You are the funniest guest blogger ever! Makes me wish I had a pet so we could have a playdate. You'll have to tell me what kind of treats you like so I can send a care package!


Pigtown-Design said...

can i go for a walk? huh? can i have a treat? huh? huh? naptime, can't read anymore.


pve design said...

woof - and you smell nice too. I can relate to your owner's dilemma and posting in lieu is so "dog-gone" thoughtful of you - now run along and work that charm for more belly rubs and treats. Hint, for a walk, I merely go by the door and stand and put on the saddest face on earth, and crossing my legs works too. Gotta go, on my way in pursuit of a good petting.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Mona - You've been tagged on my post yesterday - (By DY - who's also in the doghouse!)

Hope you'll come out and play :-)

You just have to tell us 7 things about you that you think we would like to know (that you haven't already told us about yourself)

Then you have to tag 7 more bloggers

(Between you and me Maison - if Mona tags all these commentor's animals - its going to be hysterical and PETA will end up closing down the entire interiors section of blogland!! :-)

maison21 said...

hi felicity- i made my post for you! and though my dad isn't very happy about it, i tagged some more doggies and kitties!

tell DY thanks for thinking of me! (and my dad says the same, but not quite in the same tone... )

ALL THE BEST said...

I am now in love with Mona!! My Izzie is very jealous and now wants to guest blog on All the Best!

maison21 said...

thanks all the best- i am very lovable. maybe you could hep izzie post on your blog, if she wantsto post- it's real fun, but without fingers and opposable thumbs, the typing part can be tough. i trained my human to do the typing for me, and he learned real fast.

thanks for visiting!