03 November 2008

let's take a break from this whole election thing, k?

as you know, the maison21 blog is completely non-partisan- we are only in favor of pretty 'round here, so until the "pretty party" is invented, maison21 will never publicly endorse any political candidate, or try to influence anyone's vote.

so we thought we'd take a break from all this election stuff, to share a photo of the prettiest 'lil buccaneer we know, our friend lucy- who along with her parents, joined maison21 in attending his neighborhood association's completely adorable halloween carnival. isn't she the cutest?

now, after that cute break, you can get back to fretting over the outcome of tomorrow's election. remember, maison21 is completely and totally non-partisan. swear.


katiedid said...

You just made my morning!! I had a good loud GUFFAW and now I can keep a grin on my face for the rest of my day. What a cutie.

Dianne said...

Oh you are a sly fox, aren't you? LOL

Ivy Lane said...

Ahhhh Haaa! very cute..and VERY clever!!

That Girl Designs said...


kayla said...

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kayla said...

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