27 July 2009

i love my readers!

thanks to anonymous commenter, "JP" who steered m21 to outdoor rugs, and the perfect imitation rag rug for our client's porch. could it be anymore perfect for a 100 year old bungalow?

also, while on the subject of outdoor livin', maison21 thought these pillows from williams-sonoma home were totally chic @60% off ($39.99) with free shipping! (too modern for our project, but still deal-worthy).


Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Wow, lots of rugs and decent prices too. Way better than where I sent you. Thanks M21 (and JP) for the new source! (and, yes, that rag rug is a great choice, btw)

Karena said...

I love interesting outdoor rugs and will visit the website right now! Also beautiful pillows on sale really win my heart!