16 February 2011

more work in progress (ted, on a hike)

hello, my name is ted. this is me up near the top of runyon canyon:

i do not like to hike, but my dad is insisting. he says he needs to get in shape, and gosh darnit, he ain't hiking alone! this is what i look like when we start our hikes. i just sit, giving him my best "wtf?" stare, but it never works- he keeps walking, so i follow along. eventually.

this is me when we first tried hiking- i've come along way since then. the treats my dad bribes me with really help.

maybe hiking ain't so bad- i just scored chicken treats off total strangers!

or maybe it's the pits. i'm still making up my mind.

my dad says i'll love it by summer. me? i'm not so sure. we'll keep you posted.


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I know exactly how you feel, but no one gives me a treat! Try taking your dad on a walk, wink, wink.

dicey1 said...

Even lacking enthusiasm Ted is just so cute! He's lucky to have such a good dad.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Most dogs like it but some don' might have to add another dog for hiking purposes.

Cynthia said...

Ted, Ted, Ted!

What a face. You (and M21) never fail to make me smile.

Happy hiking to the both of you. At least you're someplace warm.

Divine Theatre said...

Napoleon loves to go on half a hike, then he likes to be carried the remainder of the way!
We solved this problem by bringing along my old jogging stroller! We just tuck the panting little monster inside and continue on our way! You can imagine the response we get when strangers peek in to see our "baby"! LOL!

julia wheeler said...

eek! he is so cute! i mean, you could still take him even if he doesn't like hiking... it will just be an extra arm workout to carry him. so high maintenance;)

quintessence said...

I'm with Ted - no treats,no hike!!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

His smile is so priceless!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Caroline said...

I love the Ted posts, so adorable and heartwarming. And I think you capture/channel his personality wonderfully. Look forward to his next post!

Hartwood Roses said...

Ted's attitude reminds me of my greyhound Emma. She takes her retirement from the racing world very seriously, and hiking is not on her list of things she enjoys. A few years ago, I took her and my other greyhound Daniel to the a hiking trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway to hike and take in some beautiful autumn scenery. Daniel loved it and pulled to the end of his leash -- Emma hated it and dragged along behind at the end of her leash ... which means that the dogs were 12 feet apart (6-foot leashes) Emma made sure that I knew how much she hates hiking ... and we have not hiked together since.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Ted, your little pout just melts me.

katiedid said...

OMG....if I had that face to look at all day....I would never get anything done....let alone hiking. I would be paralyzed...just basking in the cuteness!