14 February 2011

pretty in pink (more work in progress)

what with today's obsessively pink holiday, the recent "power of pink" issue of house beautiful, and  pantone's honeysuckle pink being named color of the year, we thought we'd share another sneak peek of a work in progress (even though the photo quality is a bit grainy and the unfinished styling, a bit impromptu; normally, m21 would advise any designer who asked, to NOT show anything 'in progress' as waiting until a project is perfectly styled is your best opportunity to present your designs exactly how you'd like them seen- but what the heck, we previously shared this on facebook and twitter, so half of you have seen it anyway, and really, with all the pink in the air lately, we thought, why not?)
we shared the elements of the room here- now you can see how they all fit together; just waiting on a pair of modern planters for next to the banquette, to put the finishing touches on the room!
see why it was on our mind? kinda eclectic- a bit traditional, a bit modern- and powerfully pink! hoping your valentine's day was deliciously pink as well!


The Zhush said...

It might be "unstyled and grainy"...but really chic and pretty nonetheless! No doubt your clients are thrilled, who wouldn't be? Love the mix of styles and the chair fabric!

Raina Cox said...

GORGE! That chair fabric is TDF.

Hautezone said...

Christian! its gorgeous. It makes me what to have a spring fling!

It is the complete anecdote to a dismal cold, New York Tuesday.



Philip Bewley said...

I love it!
It has traditional elements, but with 21st century verve. The detail with the chocolate brown and cream pillows is inspired.

katiedid said...

love,Love, LOVE it!!!! When do we get to see it all styled out and perfect? It look spretty darn perfect already!!!

Suzy said...

Love it. Can't wait to see the finished product!

quintessence said...

LOVE the fabulous eclectic mix!! I just adore lanterns in dining spots! Looks pretty fab now - can't wait to see it all dolled up!!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh I love this, Christian. The chairs are perfect. Can't wait to see the planters.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! The color combo is awesome!! I love the bit of navy. Can't wait to see the finished room.