30 August 2012

3 weeks 'til blogtour london, but first...

3 weeks from tonight, jill from material girls, myself, and a dream team of awesome bloggerpeeps will be sitting in the lobby of teh below hotel, laughing over cocktails and recapping our first full day of london design week as part of modenus' blogtourLDN 2012.  (be sure to bookmark the modenus' blogtour page for recaps from all of our blogs as we share our london discoveries!)
citizen m, our stylish home in london for blogtour 2012. i'm completely excited as it's walking distance from the tate modern, one of my london must sees! for a tour of citizen m, visit jill's blog.

but before i can even start dreaming of london however, my new assistant and i have to prepare for a presentation so we can get the ball rolling on turning our fabulous new (and totally patient)  clients' house into the the home of their dreams...
pattern inspiration from quadrille, clarence house and jim thompson no.9. this is the first time i've done a project with social media savvy clients and pinterest has played an important role- kinda cool. this crazy social media life i live is really paying off! and you people thought i was just wasting time on the internets... ;-)
and last, we've got to get our  california home + design "small space big style" showhouse bath finished-  2 weeks until we open to the public, but only ONE week until photography commences! YIKES! but we are feeling a whole lot calmer about the whole thing, as the custom wallpaper we designed with black crow studios went up today and, boy, is it ka-ray-zee kool. we are totes in love!  whether you'll love it or not, remains to be seen, but we guarantee that no matter what, everyone will have an opinion!
wallpaper set up by wayne, the wallpaper hanger and the hero of my day today.

last, i want to share with you one of the weird oprah/the secret moments that i don't really believe in, but when they actually happen, i have to question my skepticism. on july 30th, i got the surprise email inviting me to london on blog tour but just three days earlier, i randomly changed the ringtone on my phone to this:

strange coinky-dink, right? oh and later skaters- i'll be absent for a few as i wrap things up, but back after the labor day holiday! (and trust, i will be laboring on the holiday- it feels like no rest until i sleep on the transatlantic flight!)


Dawna said...

Have fun Christian,you deserve everything coming your way! Your a talent force!

mikky said...

Oooo that is freaky with your ring tone! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.
I hope you post tons of pics from London. And I really really want to see the showhouse bath you do, that has me intrigued the most. Ok, that`s not true the yummy cocktails and food you`re going to taste in London does, but the bath comes a close second!


David said...

So exciting, have a great time! I loved the Tate Modern. Also if you have time, the V&A is amazing, and probably my favorite museum anywhere.

Suzy said...

I leave have fun in ye old London towne...have a drink (or two) for me!

ladylovings said...

I absolutely adore the first image. I can just imagine myself in that space at night with all the glowing relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Wow! What a great post! What's even better, I just used some of those fabrics in a current project! I am right on trend! Thanks for sharing

Love, Jamie Herzlinger