08 August 2012

california home + design's "small space big style" showhouse

m21 would like to give you a lap dance.  for twenty bucks.

"what the heck are you talking about m21?" you are probably thinking,  "are you really stooping so low as to sell yourself to the highest bidder?"

and to that we answer- why yes, yes we are, but it's not quite as dirty (and possibly illegal) as we make it sound...

our reasoning is this: if you are here, reading these words, you are probably a design junkie, and for us design junkies, we all know that design magazines are our porn, where we salivate and lust over the printed image.  and if design magazines are our porn, then it follows that a design showhouse is equivalent of a strip club, where we gather together to ogle over pretty things up close and personal, and get all hot and bothered live and in 3d.  so yes, m21 would like to invite you to come join him at the latest design porn strip club, i mean, showhouse,  organized by california home + design magazine, opening september 14th!

the CH+D "small space big style" showhouse is where "a handful of California’s most talented designers... will transform a stunning 3-bedroom, 1,400-square-foot penthouse in the heart of Hollywood into a breathtaking space that will embody the California Home+Design vision". sounds good, right?  but where does the lapdance come in?  well, maison21 is honored to be one of that "handful of designers" selected to design a room for the showhouse, so if you buy a ticket to tour the house (sept 14th - nov 18th, 2012), you can spend some quality private time alone in an m21 designed space, and get as up close and personal as you like- ie the design equivalent of a lap dance!  get it? so come on over to the hollywood condos- m21 will do a little bump 'n grind, just for you! ;-)

ok, now that we've mined the lap dance analogy for all it's worth, let's get real here for a minute:

we are incredibly honored to be part of california home + design's first ever showhouse.  it's our first ever showhouse too, so we couldn't have been more excited to be asked  by CH+D editor, erin feher to participate in such a stellar line-up of talent, including Molly Luetkemeyer, Azadeh Shladovsky, Brian Patrick Flynn, Christopher Kennedy, Erinn Valencich, and Mary Gray & Annette Goliti Gutierrez of Potted.  

the cherry on the cake is that we are is designing the tiny mezzanine powder room, right off our friend, molly luetkemeyer's mezzanine bedroom, and that seems like a match made in heaven  to us. if m21 weren't a designer ourownfineself, we'd totes hire molly to do our home, and i think our complimentary styles are going to clash beautifully up in the mezzanine! (hint: it's gonna get loud on the 2nd floor, i promise!)

so see you at the showhouse! remember to bring dollar bills for tipping! now we have to get back to working the pole, or our room is NEVER going to be ready in time! ;-)


Dawna said...

That is awesome,and congrats. You'll have to let us all know how much money you made from your services,there could be a new career in the making for you! Hope you will have pictures of the end result (the powder room that is)for those of us who won't get to see it! Your AHMAZING!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

We will be there to see this fabulous bath and of course a dance.