23 August 2012

ready, set, SHOP! (m21 on OKL)

just a matter of hours until our tastemaker tag sale drops, so please join moiself, Marianne from Haven & Home, Kelly from Kelly Market, Caitlin from Sacramento Street, Marisa from Style Beat and Camilla from Effortless Style, as we rock your style world.  getcher credits cards out and ready, because  it's gonna sell out fast...

here's a few sneaks of what i'm offering:

since we have almost 7 whole hours 'til 6pm PST/9pm EST when the sale starts, you can warm up for it a bit by visiting one kings lane's blog to find out a few fun facts about the personalities behind the tchotchkes!


mary said...

I was checking you out on OKL already--your doing great!! Mary

Dawna said...

Good luck Christian I am sure it will be a success. You have to put in a big complaint for me though,I have been trying to get them to sell and ship to Canada it's not fair that we can't get in on the deals and support some of our favorite designers!!!