18 November 2012

i love these guys.

ted just woke up, and wasn't particularly happy to find richard snuggling with him, but couldn't actually be bothered to snarl at him to go away, so he just resignedly sighed, and went back to sleep.  i love these guys- they always keep me smiling.

hope this helps your monday start with a smile too.


mary said...

I love "Richard and Ted" post--yes, I'm smiling. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

Caroline said...

It does! I love your Richard and Ted posts. They always make me smile. :-)

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Aww...they are so adorable. I miss my Lady so much. I am waiting on a litter to be born so that I can have my new little person.
Happy Tuesday.

mikky said...

They are such cutie pattoouties. Animals make all the difference in the world.


Sofia - As We Travel said...

Cuties! What breed is the dog?

maison21 said...

sofia, ted is a rescue, so i'll never know for sure, but i believe him to me a mix of pomerainian & corgi.