05 November 2012

luvocracy- a new *trusted* way to shop the interwebs

hey y'all- i wanted to introduce you to a new way to shop teh interwebs- it's called luvocracy, and it's all about buying products based on the trusted recommendations of your nearest and dearest friends (like me). think of it sort of as word of mouth meets pinterest meets amazon meets your own personal shopper/concierge meets frequent flyer miles (that's a lot of meets, right?) your friends (and you) simply post boards of products you trust and would recommend to friends to the luvocracy site, luvocracy saves your credit card info, and when you see something you like from a trusted person (again, like moi), simply click "buy", and luvocracy takes it from there, dealing with any shipping or return issues on your behalf like a personal shopper, and if someone buys a product *you* recommend, you get a lil reward. cool, right?

luvocracy just launched, so like any start up, it's still a growing work in progress, as are the boards of products i love that i've contributed to the site. also, like when pinterest first launched, it's invite only and they are slowly letting people join the site. you can request an invite via the site, or email me, and i'll hook you up.

below is a sampling of my boards so you can get an idea of what i trust and recommend to my new luvocracy friends; lots are items i've used in client's homes, so in a way in addition to all the "meets" qualities listed above, it's also like having your own personal decorator on call!

i *trust* you'll enjoy shopping with me and the new luvocracy experience!


David said...

Terrific picks Sir! That CB2 round marble cocktail table is such a deal at 329.

Dress a Shade said...


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