07 October 2013

touring the LCDQ with #blogtourLA, with special thanks to dragonette ltd. & mecox gardens!

will taylor of bright bazaar  and i, captured by the awesome justina blakeney, LA stylist/blogger/jungalow queen!
i was privileged to spend a good chunk of time with the kids from modenus #blogtourLA last week and even had the chance to lead them on a mini-walking tour of the la cienega design quarter (though we were only able to visit a fraction of the fabulous showrooms. apologies to everyone we couldn't visit- next time!)
me, speechifying (a brief history of the LCDQ).
we started our day with a breakfast at the beautiful walker-zanger tile and stone showroom, co-hosted by architectural digest, where these reclaimed wood hex tiles, rocked my world!

then i took the bloggers on a brief walking tour of the LCDQ, with the first stop at the beautiful mecox gardens los angeles showroom, whose fearless leader, dave benbow, put a spread of frozen margaritas and fresh made tacos! thanks dave!

photo by gudy herder, my new spanish friend who also did a post on mecox here.
mecox detail from stagetecure
i was delighted to be reunited with my dear friend, ashlina kaposta, the decorista! nothing better than drinking margies with your friends and getting to call it "work"!
some special LA friends joined in the fun as well. ginna christensen, of the amazing rug company 27ground and i are smiling here because we have a maison21-27ground rug collection in the works. still in the planning stages, but i am over the moon!
mecox vignette by bright bazaar 
after lunch at mecox, we moved on to dragonette ltd (one of my favorite vintage galleries with a section of the best of the 20th century) for dessert and bubbly!
dragonette vignette, courtesy of lynne byrne of decor arts now
27 ground's ginna christensen, blogger and fabric designer, typhanie peterson and i chatting with patrick dragonette, our host extraordinaire, picture by my coconspirator, jill seidner of material girls, who helped host the tour. 
i swear, the bathroom at dragonette is nicer than most people's living rooms!
my favorite painting at dragonette, captured by veronika miller, guru of blogtourLA and modenus.
the blortour gang moved on to kelly wearstler's after this, but i had to head home to check in on ted and richard, but i met back up with them for a fun-filled oktoberfest dinner at teh new poggenpohl showroom on beverly:
the blogtour gang with apologies to ronique & susan who got cropped out of this photo. :-(


gudy herder said...

I have enjoyed every second of this day. Truly grateful for the amazing tour you've organized! xx

Carole Poirot said...

Oh, that looks like such a great tour/event/fun time etc etc etc... :-) I'm looking forward to reading more about it on the other blogs. x