22 December 2007

early morning reading (and another morning lost to the internets)

for some reason, maison21 woke up very early this saturday morning- not a very usual occurrence here at the maison21 atelier- maison21 is SO not a morning person. maybe he woke up early because of the incredible quality of the sunlight streaming through his windows this morning- today is one of particularly beautiful winter days in los angeles. we're having a cold snap- expected high of 64 degrees today (brrrrrrr) and it rained earlier in the week, so the skies are washed clean of smog and are the most intensely vivid blue, without a cloud to be seen. absolutely gorgeous- wish you were here!

anyway, as i was saying before i digressed, i woke up early and as i was waiting for the caffeine to kick in, i checked my blog for comments. none (bummer). i wondered if maybe no one had visited since yesterday so i checked my blog counter and saw to my amazement that i actually had a lot of hits this morning. actually a HECK of a lot of hits for 7:00 am on a saturday morning, and they were all referrals from the terrific design blog, desire to inspire. hopping over there to find out what was up, i found that the girls at desire to inspire had put up a couple of posts called "holiday reading" consisting of nothing but banners from design blogs. 52 of them (i counted). maison21 had no clue that there were 52 whole design blogs out there, so he wasn't surprised to find out he hadn't visited most of them! of course, he started clicking on banners, and before he knew it, had killed 2 hours of his morning. so a very sincere thanks for including me, desire to inspire, and a very sarcastic thanks for giving me 51 more reasons to sit inside in front of the computer on an absolutely gorgeous morning when i should be outside enjoying my day!

here are some images from the first new-to-him banner that maison21 clicked on this morning, contemporist (we loved this blog because it has lots of lots of pictures and few of those pesky words that get in the way. maison21 needs to take a clue from them, and quit yapping so much).

loving this futuristic steel clad house from artist robert bruno! maison21 loves architecture that makes a statement (though we wouldn't necessarily want to live in it- it's heck to decorate around curved walls and asymmetrical windows and stuff):

and we wish we knew where to get this cat bed by designer christian ghion, for richard, maison21's resident fabric durability tester:
last, we though this modern bookcase by william earle was very sculptural and cool:


Anonymous said...

Perhaps readers picked up on the fact that if they comment, they'll be singled out for severe Jeff Koons bunny punishment. Ouch!

Hello dahrling. I'm reading you late in the day today. Anonymous was out today picking up a faaaaabulous Craiglist couch in Echo Park. Ruthie Sommers eat your heart out! And yes, we ARE having some loverly days and nippy nights, aren't we? Break out the eggnog and flannel sheets and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

That party lights post was right on the money. I quote-unquote GET IT. Anon has a few other peeves when it comes to parties.

maison21 said...

anonymous, you are becoming less anonymous all the time... thanks for visiting!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Maison - congrats on the mention - desire to inspire is a GREAT blog- hope you're enjoying the rest of the day in the SUN!!!