04 December 2007

p.s. i love you, part two

the heart of vintage shopping in palms springs lies in the dozens of resale and consignment shops that line the 20 miles of palm canyon drive from palm springs in the north to palm desert in the south- when maison21 is in the desert he likes to make a day of stopping at every sign that says "consignment"along the way. not for the faint of heart, this day's journey involves finding lots and lots of "desert dreadful decor"- more lodge pole beds and giant terra cotta amphora lamps then you could have possibly ever imagined existed, but maison21 guarantees you will find a treasure or two amidst the sea of white wash and dusty rose. now if a day of encountering dream catchers in the hopes of finding a dorothy draper sounds more like a nightmare than a pleasant time waster, maison21 is going to lay out some sure fire winners in the vintage sweepstakes, sure to leave your decorating sweet tooth satiated!

on this last trip to the desert, maison21 made the discovery of a new resale store, and was quite taken with it: leftovers, in cathedral city- it's a little off the beaten path- which probably explains why it was so good and so reasonably priced. the store has an nice, electic mix of furnishings, heavy on the chinois, (always a good thing). maison21 spotted these hot dorothy draper-esque mirrors for $95 and $135 each! they are undoubtedly plastique, but at that kind of price, who cares? maison21 also picked up a pair of incredibly glam faux oryx horn mounts for hisownfineself! the shop isn't large, but it's worth a trip, and there is also a nice selection of mid-century modern pieces at hedge, another resale store in the same complex (you can skip the large shop in between them, though- brand new "modern" furnishings available in any city in the u.s., heavy on the black leather and chrome- not really our thing).

maison21's next recommended stop is further north along palm canyon drive towards palm springs, on the border between ps and cathedral city, the estate sale. the estate sale is a cavernous collection of buildings with individual consignee's selling a little bit of every style, with an emphasis on nearly-new furnishings, kind of in the henredon mode. still, it's most definitely worth a stop, and maison21 always makes a point of visiting when he's in town- it has a large section devoted solely to art, and maison21 has picked up a few great (reasonably priced) pieces for clients over the years. on this trip to the estate sale, maison21 spotted a fab 70's modern brass chinese chippendale headboard, and an awesome sleek early 80's brass and mirror bedroom suite. maison21 apologizes here- no photos as he left his camera in his car, and was too lazy to go retrieve it- he blames a slight hangover he was nursing from cocktails during dinner the night before at wang's of the desert (the gayest chinese resaurant ever).

speaking of hangovers, maison21 decided to cure his by meeting rudy for a deliciously greasy fried egg-topped bacon cheese burger at tyler's burgers(can you hear m21's arteries clogging through your internet connection?). tyler's for lunch is a must in the desert, and has the most amazing burgers, fries, potato salad and cole slaw. plus, it's outdoors, so maison21 can bring mona, who gets to enjoy a plate of bacon of her very own, plus all the attention lavished on her by her fellow diners and the dog-loving servers. yum.

after lunch, we decided to revive ourselves by walking along indian canyon to starbucks when maison21 made another palm springs new-to-him discovery: we were passing by the stewart galleries, which m21 has driven by for years and had never given it a second thought, thinking it a musty old lady art gallery, when rudy remarked that he read somewhere that it was one of kelly wearstler's favorite places to shop in palm springs. well, maison21 didn't need coffee to revive him from his burger coma anymore- he was into that shop like a rocket! and he must say it was pretty fab- as usual, our hero, ms. wearstler was on the money- the stewart gallery is filled with rock crystal obelisks, bronze mounted animal horns, faux tortoise shells and other exotic tchotkes. maison21 was particularly taken with a painting of a corgi with a tennis ball, as it reminds us of our own tennis ball obsessed little lady, and he thought these selenite votives were quite chic- an architectural twist on the ubiquitous rock crystal votives. they are a great gift idea too, at $20 bucks each, and by far the most affordable things in the store.

we also stumbled into the shop next door, the r. shafer art and antique gallery, mistakenly thinking it was an annex to the stewart galleries. maison21 is still kicking himself for not purchasing a large white coral on a lucite stand for the bargain price of $175. again, we blame the hangover. this is why drinking is bad for you, kids- it prevents you from improving your life with the purchase of pretty things! m21 was also taken with the giant pair of blanc de chine quan yin, also below, but at $1250, they weren't quite the impulse buy of the coral.

our second to last recommended stop on our day of design shopping, is to visit rudy's friends jimmy and miguel at their great mid-century modern shop, palm springs consignment. they have a wonderful selection of vintage modern goods at prices that seem pretty darn reasonable to those of us that live in los angeles or new york. of course, you'll have to take our word on that selection, as once again, that silly camera stayed in the car- hey- this blogging thing is new to us, and i'm not used to being maison21, intrepid boy-journalist, always ready to break a big story!

our last recommended palm springs source, is so amazing, so packed to the rafters with decorating goodness, that it deserves a post of it's own, so you'll have to stop back when we update "p.s. i love you, part three" in the next few days, and reveal our final "secret" source... until then, we leave you with one last photo of our friend rudy's palm springs modern living room:


Things That Inspire said...

I enjoyed the tour! P.S. - That piece of coral was a steal, too bad you didn't buy it!

maison21 said...

i know, inspire- i don't know what came over me. usually i have the opposite problem, and i can't stop myself from buying. i think perhaps it was because i was obsessing over the brindle cowhide covered fauteuils in the window of the stewart galleries next door, that i couldn't possibly afford, so then of course i couldn't focus on anything i actually could afford, like the coral.