28 February 2008

delicious de gournay

maison21 just started conceptualizing for a fun, new residential design project and while sourcing wall coverings, he ran across these images from de gournay. *sigh* so not right for his hip and adventurous new client, but always a joy to look at, so he thought he'd share some images from the de gournay website with you!

if you are unfamiliar with de gournay, they are a french company that produces the most exquisite hand-painted wall papers and silks. their products are insanely beautiful, and insanely expensive, but so worth it, as they are truly works of art. (oh, and word of warning- if you are lucky enough to have reason to order de gournay, be prepared for their lengthy lead time- the product is hand made and can't be rushed. still, the last time maison21 ordered some de gournay wall panels, he was convinced they walked here from france- stopping along the way, every 15 minutes or so, for a gauloises and cafe au lait break).

isn't de gournay delicious?


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison! aside from your orchid post - this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE of all your design posts.

But I think you knew Id say that!! OH YUM!!!

But I must say I miss your 80's vavavroom posts.

But please don't go too classic and drop dead elegant on us otherwise you'll just blur in with the rest of us!!

Oh. I hope that doesnt sound rude.

But you know what I mean - we love you for your wit, in your face 80's Zing and of course your pooch and puddytat:-).


maison21 said...

hey- maison21 can do klassy too! :)

but if i were to use de gournay in my own home, you KNOW i'd be throwing some 80's in with it!

glad you liked the post, felicity. isn't their stuff just unbelievably beautiful? i would love to do a room completely paneled in the fish pattern, and leave it absolutely bare of furniture.

katiedid said...

Uh Huh! Delish!

Suzy said...

So delicious, in fact, I could eat them all!

Pigtown-Design said...


Jesus Cordeiro said...

I like much of your blog, and I love these blue chairs are a luxury!

Cindy said...

I am not a huge fan of wallpaper, but this stuff is completely drool worthy!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I never thought I'd love wallpaper. But this post did it. de Gournay needs a new word to describe their product; it just isn't "wallpaper" as I've known it. (Full disclosure: I'm still getting over a traumatic wall papering that my mother insisted I help with. Glue...steam...*shudder*)

Thanks for opening my eyes.

{this is glamorous} said...

Stunning! Have been working on a de Gournay + Aubusson post and your examples are delightful.

Vie Chaotique said...

Glad I found you - loving your Adam Ant Decorative but bot serious. If I can help you with Casamidy - let me know.


Things That Inspire said...

These are so beautiful! What room would you use them for? If something is that handcrafted and handpainted, I would probably use it in a room where I do not have artwork, because every so often (once a year or so) I like to rotate my art around for a different look.

maison21 said...

katie, suzy, pigtown and jesus- aren't they yummy? glad you liked them!

cindy- i wasn't a fan of wall paper either, until the firm i was wrking for used de gournay on a project- now, i LOVE using wallpaper, but to use de gournay is an especially exquisite treat!

easy- i can't even imagine your "experience"- i'm not sure if you meant putting the paper up, or taking it down, but either way, if i was doing it myself, i would hate wall paper FOREVER!

glamorous- i look forward to you aubusson + de gournay post- i'm sure it will be wonderful, as all your posts are!

chaotique- if my client wants to go with casamidy, i'll contact you! (there s a casamidy retailer here in l.a.- will that be a problem?)

inspire- with some of the papers, i can't imagine anything else in the room but them, but at least with the chinoiserie florals, i've worked on projects where they've been used to great effect with furniture and art (albeit with very traditional and smaller scale art- i'll post a photo).

Alkemie said...

YOWZers!!!! My jaw dropped when Is saw the black asian wallpaper - SO dramatic. Great post! BTW, I really like the faux bamboo secretariat you have up on ebay :P


Mrs. Blandings said...

Love the butterflies!

Katya said...

I love de Gourany as well! If you would like to see more of their amazing projects, you can find them on my blog!