04 February 2008

maison21 has come into an unexpected fortune (so don't expect new posts, because he's busy spending his monies...)

so maison21 recently came into an unexpected inheritance! via the following email:


We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of £10,600,000.00GBP (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds) in the codicil and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you). We contacted you because you bear the surname identity and therefore can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance.

We therefore reckoned that you could receive these funds as you are qualified by your name identity. All the legal papers will be processed in your acceptance. In your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to us your letter of acceptance; your current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary documents at our high court probate division for the release of this sum of money.

Please contact me via my private email: so that we can get this done immediately.

Please send the details and call me to discuss more.
Yours Faithfully,
John Max.
102 Donegal Place
Belfast, Ulster
Telephone +44-70457 59907
Fax number +44-700-5976560

yippee! maison21 gots all the monies now- he can finally pay his amex bill!

seriously, do they think anyone will ever respond to this bullsh*t? maison21 is quite over this crap. he doesn't want his "inheritance", nor does he wish to "grow his member" or buy an "officine replica watch".

just stop the spam already, ok? nobody is stupid enough to answer back, so what's the point?

(image from tracy o., via flickr)


Anonymous said...

there's some graphic artist who has taken phrases from spam and turned them into art. really hilarious. lemme see if I can find her. she was featured in the nytimes. maison i hope you're going to vote today for the sexiest candidate.

Anonymous said...

here ya go

maison21 said...

those are awesome, anon! i particularly like "any bigger and i'd have to join the circus!"

and alas, i couldn't vote for the candidate i find sexiest, as i'd have to vote for someone whose political views i find rather repugnant (you'll have to guess who it is, as i'm not telling because i find it shameful), but i did vote for the person who i thought would be best suited for the job!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison - I just find it amazing the there is another Masion21 in the world with the same surname ;-) ;-)!!

maison21 said...

atbb- that's how i knew the letter was for real- if the deceased had my surname- maison21- how could i NOT be the legitimate heir to the princely sum of £10,600,000.00GBP (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds) ?

loved your guest post at the inspired room!:

Pomegranate said...

Hahahahaha! i knoooow! who beleives that stuff? And those who do should not have access to the internet!

Suzy said...

yeah, that and the money scams from Nigeria. Crack me up. Who would fall for that?

Alkemie said...

Totally agree with suzy, definitely a take on the Nigerian scam.