22 February 2008

guest blogger: richard (who actually blogs about design, amongst other things)


i'm richard. some of you may not know me because my big sister, mona, seems to get all the attention around here- "oh she's so cute" "look at her roll over", "look at her fetch a ball"...


i don't NEED a human to throw a ball for me- i can throw it and catch it all by myself, thank you very much- and spend many a happy evening doing so. playing chase-the-ball is actually the most fun at 4 in the morning. sometimes i try to get my big sister to join in, but she's such a goody-goody, she won't do it- "but richard- we're not allowed to play ball now, we're 'sposed to be asleep".


right now, my dad is passed out on theraflu (he has the flu for the second time this year, even though he got a flu shot and everything), and my big sis is sleeping next to him (of course- 'lil miss goodie-two-shoes and all), so while they're asleep, i thought I'D take a turn guest blogging.

see, i've been paying attention- when i sit in front of the computer monitor, i'm not just blocking my dad's view- i've been watching. and reading. and planning...

so i know this is a design blog, and that's what i'm going to blog about- design! unlike other guest bloggers who blogged about stupid things like dog treats and squirrels and stuff (well, squirrels aren't that stupid a thing to blog about, i guess). you know she doesn't even type, right? that my dad has to help her with her posts and stuff? not me- while i've been walking across my dad's keyboard, having fun turning his emails into "adsfsdjk;kfdassssdfadffaaazx", i've also secretly been perfecting my touch typing! i'm pretty good now, too. and the computer mouse? puhleeze- i'm a cat- we're born knowing how to use a mouse!

anyway, i've been searching for some great cat furniture, as handsome as me, richard the cat. i want a cat condo, and a cat tree sooooo bad, but my dad says no way- that stuff is too darn ugly to come into the house! so i've found some hip and modern suggestions to prove him wrong! i really like this cardboard sculpture/hidey hole and this sleek walnut cat house, both via, but at $330.00 and $480.00 respectively, i don't know if he'll go for either (though i'm quite sure he'd spring a few bucks on me if i could just locate a pagoda top cat condo):

cat cocoon by one form design

eddie's room (cat cave no.2) in walnut by the pet project

though i found the above items via stumbleupon (i like to set my interests to "cats" and surf mindlessly for hours), they were also listed on this this awesome blog devoted to nothing but cool products for cats called moderncat- if you have a hip feline like myself, i suggest you check it out! (my dad's favorite cat website is "i can has cheezburger" but frankly, i just don't get the whole lolcats phenomenon. it's not very dignified OR very funny, for that matter).

båstis blond scratching post, ikea, $89.99

while on moderncat i saw the above hella cool wall mount cat scratcher with climbing perches hidden behind it. i really, really want it, and it's totally cheap 'cause it's from ikea so i thought my dad couldn't object. but he said "no way" AGAIN because "it wouldn't go with our decor". i then helpfully pointed out that since he's such a fancy decorator and since he says his personal style is "decidedly eclectic"- mixing the modern and the antique- that he should be able to find a way to make it work with our decor. that ALMOST got him, but at least he said he'd think about it for an upstairs balcony off our bedroom. first he said he needed to figure out an aesthetically pleasing way to screen the balcony in, so i don't jump off. i PROMISED i wouldn't jump- i came from the streets and i don't want to go back- but then he pointed out a big, fat crow on the lawn below, and i realized he had a point, 'cause i really did want to pounce on that thing and make a chair of it!
sleepypod cat carrier from meowme, $149.99

i wish i had deleted my browsing history, because my dad went onto moderncat, and discovered the chic sleepypod cat carrier (above). if he thinks he can fool me into getting into a cat carrier just because it converts from a bed, he's got another thing coming! i remember what happened the last time i got into a cat carrier, and no thank you! though i gotta admit that sleepypod does look kinda comfy...

so i have to run now- my dad might wake up soon, and i have to go play a game with him called "regret" that only works if he is deep asleep. here's how the game works- when i was a little kitten, not much bigger than the above photo, my dad took me to the doctor where they proceeded to remove certain bits of my anatomy. now, it didn't really hurt, and i don't even really miss them, but hey- i was just a kid and i didn't even get a say in the matter- so now that i'm all growed up, i play the "regret" game: i like to sneak up on my unsuspecting dad and with all 16 pounds of me, jump right on the most sensitive area of his anatomy! get the name of the game now? as long as i'm missing mine, he'll "regret" having his! totally fun! i never get sick of it!

ok- it's been swell, but i'm outta here...


beachgrl said...

What a great post richard! I really think you need to start your own blog. You need to go make your dad some soup or something to help him get better, then drop in the part about you starting your own blog.

maison21 said...

thanks for the props, beachgirl!

i don't plan on posting a lot- i've got much more important things to do: there is my never ending nightly battles against stray styrofoam packing peanuts, or against dust bunnies, if it's before the cleaning lady visits; then, there is the constant bugging of my big sister and trying to get her to chase me (LOVE THAT) and of course, all activities need to be followed by long naps- so you see, i'm just too busy to post with any frequency.

besides, i'm working on my next project- now that i can type, i just need to get my paws on my dad's credit cards. i won't need him to approve of the style of my cat tree then- i'll just order it myself and have it delivered!

Habitually Chic said...

Ricard, You crack me up! You're the funniest cat I know. If you do get your dad's credit card, you might want to order the Kitty Pod, It looks pretty chic to me!

maison21 said...

i've added the kittypod to my larceny list, chic- thanks for the tip! i'll fill the house with mail order goods!

btw, how long do you think a whole tuna would last without being frozen? i can't reach our freezer on top so that might be an issue, if i have one of those delivered.

i hope my dad isn't near his limits on his cards, 'cause i've go lots on my list!

thanks for visiting!- gotta run- it's raining, so i need to attack the water dripping down the window panes. fun!

Suzy said...

Richard, you are toooo cute! You can come play with us any 'ol time!

Costa & Rica

Topsy Turvy said...

Richard, I don't usually like other cats too much, but you seem kinda like me ... cool and all. But watch out! I've got 6 or 7 toes on all my paws - yea I'm bad! Anyway, I was walking across my mom's keyboard (Yea, I do that too!) and found this in her bookmarks:
She said that Kittypod Couchette was the best looking cat bed she'd ever seen, but all I could think about was that corrugated cardboard finish. Man do I want to get my claws into that! Meow! Mitz

Pigtown-Design said...

Richard... the best trick you can play on your daddy is to order the tuna and then tear it to pieces and hide it around the house. Especially good places are air conditioning ducts, on top of curtain valences and under chair cushions!


Cindy said...

Thank you so much for your wit and insight Richard. So this is how both of my male cats think!

BTW, love your "Regret" game. I am safe since I am a gal but it's pretty funny.


girl meets glamour said...

Really great post!! I had a reader ask me about cool scratching posts and I will def. direct her to your blog!!


maison21 said...

costa and rica (and suzy) next time i'm in hong kong, pencil me in for a playdate! though, i'll probably just hiss at you for the first hour or so.

mitz (and lana)- with 6 or 7 toes, you must type fast! i showed my dad the kittypod couchette, and he loves it's curule chair style. but he still isn't sure he'd fork over $330 clams for something that i might love, or i might just ignore entirely (what can i say- i'm feline, so i'm fickle).

connor (and meg)- i think the tuna idea is brilliant! it will drive dad crazy, and the whole house will smell delicious!

cindy- tell your cats hi for me, and since they can't play the "regret" game with you, hopefully they can play other really fun games- like "run in front, and make you trip" or "attack the body part that just moved under the blanket"!

kate- thanks for visiting! and for telling your reader of my feline words of wisdom!

laters, my peeps!


Brilliant Asylum said...

I am dying laughing. Cats rock.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Richard! Lovely to meet you! I have been meaning to get over here to say hi - sorry its taken me so long.

You and Mona and your dad are the most entertaining dad and animals combo that I have ever met. I love it:-)

And hi to mona - just incase shes feeling left out from all the attention you're getting :-)

emily@designsmack said...

Hilarious! Oh goodness, I love your blog! I've had my kitten for about 4 months and his little manhood removal was a less than chic experience (think he can home, threw up in his box - hey, at least he has manners! continued to be sick and had to bo back to the hospital). Cool kitty stuff!

Modern Country Lady said...

Hey Richard, gues you found out my trick of walking on the keyboard.... good one if you are hungry or need attention ..!I can teach you another one if you like.I'm supposed to be part of the Modern Country Lady team, so of course help with the typing, but being so booored with this office work, i kinda rolled over on the keyboard and managed to get the screen display upside down, hahaha !! I can tell you my mum was majorially freaked so keep that one handy just in case.They had to Google had to get it right , you should have seen them looked at the screen upside down.
Keep these posts going.I always help - you just gotta keep your hand in ! Setting the table is one of my strenghts as well. here you can see my handywork :-)
See you later, gater.
Thomasina .