14 February 2008


a happy valentine's lick to all!



ps- my dad thinks it's a great day to visit, and bring a little love into your life.

it will be the best valentine's gift, ever!


Anonymous said...

after all the scary birds and scary bird chair, it's nice to see someone so cute and cuddly! Hi Mona!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Mona! Didn't I see you at Westminster the other night??!! Happy Valentine's Day Maison 21!

Pigtown-Design said...

Mona... Happy V-Day back at ya!

xoxo Connor

p.s. what did ya think of the beagle? so glad it was a real dog.

Suzy said...

Mona, you are too cute. Of course we'll be your valentines!

Costa & Rica xx

Alkemie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

maison21 said...

thanks for visiting, anon, peak, connor, costa and rica and alkemie- i hope everybody had a happy valentine's day!

peak, i decided to skip westminster this year, to give the other doggies a chance- it just isn't fair when they have to compete against me!

and connor, i'm so glad that cute and spunky lil beagle won. i don't want it to get out, as it could disqualify me from future championships, but therei s rumored to be more than a little beagle in the mona family tree. my dad suspects i may not be a corgi, but rather a corgle.

licks to all- gotta go try to catch a big fat crow that is sitting on the front lawn (i never do, but it's sure fun to try!). if i do, maybe i'll make a chair!



annechovie said...

Mona is adorable! Is she a corgi?

maison21 said...

she is indeed a corgi- the story i got from the pound is that her original owners gave her up because her ears never stood up (how horrible if true, but lucky for me).

thanks for visiting- love both your blog name and your work- the chair note cards are particularly lovely!

annechovie said...

Thanks so much, M21! You are very kind.
I like Mona better with "down" ears - even better! Enjoyed your blog and will be back.