02 May 2008

ooh la la lighting! (and oh yeah- it's l.a. modernism weekend)

maison21 promises this will be his last habité l.a. related post (for a bit, anyway), but when maison21 likes something, he really likes it, and as he really likes lighting, too (maison21 would be the crazy man with 4 chandeliers in every room of his home, if he didn't sell his latest lighting loves), and since habité has such an amazing selection, he thought he'd devote one final post to the pretty lighting he is currently in love with in their showroom. kimberly, one of habité's proprietors, more than shares m21's lighting addiction, btw, so count on them to always have a great selection.

you guys can handle a little more pretty, can't you?

thought so.
what can m21 say- vintage chicness- no wonder this beauty is in the window!

classic venini bi-color prism chandelier.

this style of murano chandelier is usually a little too girly for m21's personal taste, but he'd hang this opalescent beauty in a heartbeat.

this gilt ceramic and bronze vintage italian number might be his fave- it's such a classic parzinger-esque shape with a little touch of both your grandma and liberace to give it a twist. love, love, love.

but maison21's most favorist chandelier of habité's fab selection, has to be this sleek and classic fontana arte 8 light wonder. it should really be in the maison21 atelier somewhere, dontchathink?

kimberly and laurent have also assembled an amazing selection of table lamps as well, some of which kimberly has customized with chic lucite bases, like this awesome tall opalescent pair of vintage murano lamps. digging the deco brass clamshell number, too.

this fat pale murano lamp, is well, phat!

this is the pair of bronze maison charles lamps (with bronze shades, no less) that maison21 fell in love with when he first saw them in kimberly's dining room- if they are in the shop, he wonders what fabulousness has replaced them on kimberly's sideboard?

maison21 has had a hankering for a one of these vintage 1970's agate lamps by willy daro for as long he can remember. someday he will have a pair in his library. (oh, all right, so maison21 doesn't really have a "library"- more like a spare room with a lot of magazines stacked in it, but one of these chic lamps would certainly class it up a bit).

this stunning bouillotte lamp is probably maison21's fave table lamp in the store- black and gold, with a 1950's modern meets 1800's directoire vibe. it's just so "maison21", he can't stand it.

last, and this really is the one light in the habité showroom that maison21 might sell his soul to own (if his soul could fetch a big enough price tag, that is), maison21 is loving this massive 1970's maison jansen brass palm tree floor lamp/sculpture. so mr. devil (or ms. devil, as the case may be), if you are reading this- let's make a deal!

so that's maison21's last mention of habité for a bit- except if you are visiting the los angeles modernism show at the santa monica civic center this weekend (may 3rd and 4th), be sure to sure to visit their booth, as he's sure it will be fabulous.
downtown's booth from last year's show (lifted from the modernism website)

maison21 is for sure, for sure, for sure, going to the modernism show on saturday. unless he is too tired, then he'll go sunday. unless he just gets lazy come sunday, and blows the whole thing off (when you basically shop for a living, shopping on the weekends can sometimes seems like a drag. i know- don't you pity poor maison21 and his luxury problems?)


diana @ please sir said...

Ohh fun lighting!!

Alkemie said...

Great post on lighting Christian! I had to laugh at the end about blowing it off at the end when you don't feel like going out - I can relate. Sometimes on weekends you just want to relax, I know I certainly like to slouch around at times hehe.


Octavine Illustration said...

oh my, that prism chandelier is spectacular. must be incredible to see in person. what a fun blog, thank you!~

Anonymous said...

Those palm trees are crazy! They light up too? Crazy.

Great store- if I'm ever in Los Angeles, I'll be sure to stop in!