04 May 2008

so arty (l.a. modernism, pt 1)

maison21 managed not to be a total couch potato this past weekend, and made the trek out to santa monica to view the recent l.a. modernism show. actually, m21 was the complete opposite of a couch potato this weekend, as he spent almost a whole day cleaning the m21 atelier from top to bottom since the cleaning lady is on vacation (poor m21 and his luxury problems). but the sad story story of m21's endless labors will have to be saved for another day, as today's post is about the pretty things m21 saw at the modernism show! yay! and, ana- PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!

note: for those of you new to his blog, m21 often uses italics on terms like "endless labors" to indicate sarcasm and self deprecation. he really wasn't all that worn out from a little house cleaning. ok, that's a lie- maison21 was so exhausted from all that drudgery, that he was scared he couldn't be trusted behind the wheel and had to enlist a close friend to to drive him the 6 miles to santa monica and the modernism show (thanks, dude!). but fear not for our blogger- m21 perked right up the minute he was surrounded by all that pretty! (don't get confused by that last use of italics, as italics can also indicate m21's enthusiasm, as in "oooooh- that chair is just so pretty! you'll get the hang of it!).

anyway- pardon our digression- now, back to today's post: since shows like the modernism show/sale are almost as much about art as design, maison21 thought he'd focus today's post on artworks he loved from the recent show, and save the orgy of gorgeous furniture for a follow-up post later in the week.

maison21 was assaulted by pretty art before he ever got inside the auditorium, as the entrance to the show was lined with these oversized ceramic sculptures by stan bitters. slightly reminiscent of some of the work of paul evans, m21 fell instantly in love with them (m21 has a serious brutalist sculpture jones) and is hoping he has a project someday where he could incorporate a commission for one of the large wall-like works in a patio, courtyard or atrium.

at the booth of edward cella art + architecture, m21 was smitten with this 1962 ink on paper by rico lebrun:

next, m21 and friend stopped to pay homage to one of our gods, shiro kuramata, and his "how high the moon" chair at the chez camille booth. now, we know we said today's post would be about art, not furniture, but as mr. kuramata's amazing works blur the line between design and art, we figured it could go either way. today, it's art. maison21 vows he will one day have the space (and no small amount of $$) to own and properly display one of these iconic chairs.

we loved, loved , loved the display of vintage fashion photography by mark shaw at svenska mobler. reasonably priced, too.

more brutal love for this overscale metal sculpture at a.k.eleven14. big enough to be a room divider!
while at a.k. eleven 14, maison21 accidentally made some art of his own- you see, maison21 takes a picture of the sign or tag of whatever he's taking the real photo of, so he doesn't forget where he saw what, later when he downloads his photos. those quick "identification" shots usually come out blurred or out of frame, but the a.k. eleven14 business cards photo turned out so nice as a composition (purely by chance), m21 thought he'd share it!

these huge fossil skeleton recreations from x21/sultana were very cool. hard to get a grasp of the scale from the photo, but the prehistoric fish was probably 8 feet long. impressive. (don't know where you'd use one, or even why you'd want to, but impressive nonetheless).

loved these carved stone goldfish, and the 6 foot 1970's brass elephant tusk sculptures at mantiques modern. and what maison21 loves almost as much as the 1970's tusks is that terrific 1970's name, mantiques. maison21 can almost smell the pierre cardin cologne.

more brutal sculpture love from blagg's (no link, and don't know anything about them). maison21 should have bought the the large sculpture on the bottom even though he hasn't anywhere to display it. it was a steal...
last, while it doesn't rise to the level of high art, this kitschy 2 foot tall gilt ceramic poodle bobblehead made maison21 and his friend, smile (no vendor info, sorry):

next post- maison21's fave furniture from the show!


Pigtown-Design said...

Mantiques... Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

WOW- cool sculptures!

Squincy said...

hihihihi wow!! fantastic!