07 May 2008

so pretty (the winner's circle, l.a. modernism)

maison21 saw so many pretty things at last weekend's modernism show, that his eyes literally hurt after he left. so did his heart, after realizing there was just no way for him to afford to bring all those pretty things home!

anyway, we had hundreds of snapshots of pretty furniture pieces, and m21 agonized over how to present all his favorite treasures in one coherent post (well, two really, as he already did one posting on the art featured at the show). we decided we had to be ruthless, and narrowed things down to just three vendors, all of whom's (whose?) selections were so fabulous, that m21 wanted to take each and every item they offered home to the maison21 atelier (well, almost every item, that is- read on).

in a further cold and heartless move, maison21 ranked the top three in order of preference. this was an extremely difficult decision, but in the race to be prettiest, there is no room for error...

the three winners in the modernism pretty sweepstakes were:

3rd place: fat chance, los angeles
a pair of pagoda lamps on a waterfall console, a pair of horse head lamps on the thickest lucite (and wood) console/desk ever, chinese chippendale chairs covered in tessellated horn, a brightly colored abstract painting over a paul evans credenza- what's not to love?
in fact, everything at fat chance was so good, maison21 probably should have have just called it a three-way draw in the contest for prettiest in show, but unfortunately fat chance included something in their offerings that maison21 would never, ever, have in his home under any circumstances. see the lamp with the asian figure on it? (upper right 1st photo, upper center 2nd photo) well, most of you might have figured out that maison21 is a sucker for all things chinois, but not this lamp- uh uh. no way! it looks like that scary little man would come alive in the middle of the night and murder maison21 in his sleep! creeeepy! if you don't share maison21's terror of doll-like figures, he suggests you rent or buy "trilogy of terror", the karen black horror movie tour de force that had tremendous impact on maison21 as a child- chuckie gots nothin on her terrifying (and terrifyingly funny) witch doctor doll!

points from fat chance for giving maison21 nightmares! (but everything else was pretty darn dreamy).

2nd place award goes to: porter and plunk, palm springs (internet only)
now it was very hard to give this jewel of a booth 2nd place, as every single item was absolutely 100% to maison21's taste: a sally sirkin lewis lacquered goatskin console, sarried brass coffee table, an incredibly glam pair of red lacquer chinoiserie chests, the craziest chunky, solid lucite footstool ever, and five pairs of super glam lamps (maison21 is mad for pairs of just about anything, but lighting is a special love). and most important, maison21 is sure he wouldn't have nightmares while napping on the classic empire chaise- super chic in white!

much as he loved the selection over at porter and plunk, somebody had to win 1st place right? the decision was tough, but in the end, the booth next door to porter and plunk, won by a nose. well, a table really...

1st place winner: monument, san francisco!
maison21 loves black and white, so he was totally sucked in by this b&w story displayed in the monument booth.- a pair of kittinger greek key chests, a pair of black and white neo-classic tripod lamps and a b&w upholstered woodard chaise- chicness.

gurly gilt mirrors flanking a brutalist marcello fantoni sculpture on a brightly lacquered credenza? perfect pitch.
these chic cast metal chairs are a dorothy draper design, rescued from the fairmont hotel in san francisco. note to shawn- were we sitting in these very chairs- all those many years ago during our misspent youth- the evening we spent a fortune we didn't have on champagne and oysters at 1:30 in the morning at the fairmont? and you barely made it to the bathroom before losing our expensive late night snack? i can't remember much about that night (aside from you almost getting sick at our table), but you'd think i'd remember these chairs...

last, this shapely bright orange lacquer center table is what nudged monument into first place. maison21 loves it so much , he wants to marry it- we would be such a happy couple!

in maison21's mind, everyone who played the pretty game is a winner, but as he said, m21 had to narrow the field down somehow, so our sincere apologies to all the other vendors at the modernism show whose merchandise maison21 loved and photographed, but didn't share in this post (maybe someday we'll do another post on the fineries we left out).

as for our top three, do we agree with m21's ranking? which of the three is your favorite?


diana @ please sir said...

LOVE the orange table with blue horse!

Suzy said...

can't. take. any. more.

Anonymous said...

I want it all! Even the scary lamp!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I am coming to the conclusion that I am not so much of a modernism person (although I can appreciate it), however, the one thing that I would purchase immediately is that abstract painting in the Fat Chance booth. I wonder who the artist is?

Anonymous said...

That Fairmont Dorothy Draper chair is INSANE...Please lie to me and tell me I can afford it!

Alkemie said...

Christian, thank you so much for taking us with you on the tour!! As always you have an impeccable eye. My top 3 are:

1.) The Black and white Greek Key Chest. WOW. I love black and white too!

2.) The pink glass lamps with black shades.

3.) THe pagoda lamps in the first photo.

katiedid said...

Yes! I agree! Each got better and better as I read along....and you may have a fight on your hands for that orange table....I can see it standing at the alter right now waiting for me.

SimplyGrove said...

You took pictures of some great stuff!!! I love the big pink lamps!

Topsy Turvy said...

Great choices Christian! Those Dorothy Draper chairs - cast metal?? - too much. Love the orange table too.
And I totally agree, that lamp is nightmare-inducing! Yikes!