16 December 2008

abc (and bonus "learning new things on the internets" mini-edition)

we recently purchased a beautiful vintage modern chandelier for a client from the good folks at abc, and wanted to encourage everyone to pay them a visit, as currently they have the most amazing exhibition of andirons we've ever seen assembled in one place. seriously- the ABC in abc must stand for Absolutely Beautiful Chenets*.

*learning new things on the internets mini edition: if you didn't already know, "chenet" is an uppity french word we decorators use for "andiron" or "fire dog". as an old school antique dealer friend of ours once put it: "the kind of fancy name that adds an extra zero to the price tag" ;-)

we also LOVE the philosophy behind of, as it is identical to m21's own- from their website:
"For us, the thrill is in the hunt, and we are firm believers in "catch and release". This philosophy allows us to live with important pieces of design for a short time and then pass them on to others to enjoy."

here is more of their amazing selection of
chenets for you to enjoy:

drool-worthy stuff, no?


Mrs. Blandings said...

Drool worthy, yes! And I'm quite charmed by the term "catch and release."

Jennifer said...