31 December 2008

be careful what you blog about...

because sometimes blog posts come true. our post before last was a plea for helping rescued animals, and well, looky what followed mona and m21 home last night:we spotted him while walking mona, looking like he was about to get his ass kicked by a cat. we began talking to him from across the street, which was enough to drive the cat away, but luckily, he was interested enough to stick around. after a good half hour of sweet talk from a distance, he was curious enough to finally let us cross without running, and after bit more chatting, comfortable enough to come say hi to mona (though he still shied away from me).

well, one whiff of mona meant love on his part (he's not fixed) and he proceeded to follow us the 8 blocks home (promising him a good meal along the way may have helped). we put mona in the house immediately (we're willing to provide food, but not sex, thank you) and we then worked on gaining his trust (and tricking him into the m21mobile) with lots and lots of treats.

after freaking out a bit- doubt he'd ever been in a car before- he eventually calmed down, munching on biscuits while happily curled beside me. by the time we got to the shelter, we were buds, and it broke my heart to turn him in. our first priority has to be to mona and richard- keeping an un-neutered stray male dog in the house, no matter how sweet and mild-mannered- is just too risky. still, it was touch and go at the shelter- a big ol' wave of "please mom, can i keep him? i'll walk him and feed him and everything" swept over me as i filled out the paperwork.

today we put up flyers, though to be honest, we are ambivalent about his original owner claiming him- really, what responsible pet owner keeps un-neutered male dog without a collar or chip? still, there could be a reason- perhaps he was newly adopted, or escaped after a bath... he's very skittish, though and seems untrained (we tried a leash- total fiasco) so we just can't tell if he's a pet or born to the streets (he seemed just a bit too clean and well-fed to have been on the streets for long, so we think he must have come from someone's house or yard).

our new lil buddy is now at the west los angeles animal shelter, and if unclaimed, will be available for adoption on 1/04/09 (hint, hint, hint). the WLA animal shelter has a lower kill rate than any other city of LA shelter, so we have high hopes for a good home. (i'd never take him to the south LA shelter which services my zip code- it's overrun with strays, so his chances for adoption wouldn't be nearly as good). we also told the shelter we would be responsible for him if a home can't be found, so his future is guaranteed- we wouldn't rescue someone from the streets, just to put them on death row.

which brings us to the point of this post: we REALLY don't want another little buddy here at the m21 atelier, so before he lands back in my lap, if anyone wants a doggie, PLEASE email me, ok?


Pigtown-Design said...

you're incredible. i am a bad mom. connor doesn't have a chop, but he's got tags.

happy new year!

maison21 said...

hey meg- don't feel bad! tags are enough, generally (not like they can take them off), and i have a feeling like mona, connor almost never leaves your side, so how could he get lost?

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

You are a good man! I have never owned a cat, been around one, knew anything about them as I am a dog person. One showed up at my doorstep. For three days, I called all my neighbors, posted on craigslist, pleaded for someone to adopt him, called the animal rescue groups (no dice as they were all full and not accepting any new animals). I finally broke down and fed him. I took him to the vet and then allowed him inside. What a true pleasure and important family member he has become! I love this little guy and a litter box is not that bad.
You are starting '09 off doing the right thing. Your new lil buddy is going to love living with you! Congratulations!

G in CT

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

What a story! Good for you for taking care of that sweet dog. I hope that one of your readers will adopt him. It makes me so sad. I would love to adopt another animal but I have an alpha male poodle. Really, he thinks he's a big dog.

Happy New Year! said...

hi there,
i came across your blog from a link on DECOR8 to MORE THINGS TO WASTE TIME in a list of about 50 other blogs. something about the name of your blog made me click!

i first laughed out loud about the coincidental preference for your 2 favored designs of 2008. i love your aesthetic too :)

and then "have a question...want to date me or tell me you hate me?..."
that's just hilarious!

and then the story about the dog.
i too have a passion for all animals. except spiders and roaches and most ants. although those are insects some morons keep spiders as pets????!!!!!

anyway, you're in my new top 3 list of blogs and I'll shut up now but keeping an eye on you this new year!

Bloggers Abode said...

Awwww what a cutie!! If I was home in L.A. I'd prolly take him or AT LEAST foster him. You guys don't have to commit- you can foster and help find a good forever home! Fingers crossed on this one. Kisses to you for helping and caring!!