26 February 2010

houzz makes m21 happy (and a color discussion)

every week, the design resource and inspiration site, houzz, sends out a newsletter of "ideabooks"- selections of images from their readers and editors- and sometimes, an image from one of maison21's projects pops up in one, and that makes us very happy. it's just kinda cool that some random person we've never met, likes our work enough to save and share with others, and then seeing our work unexpectedly in appear our email inbox, is just icing on on the cake.

this past week a houzz user, kathrynv, inspired by a dictum from project runway criticizing orange & blue when used in an outfit together, used the palm springs residence we collaborated on with our bff, rudy calvero, in an ideabook about the use of the combo in interiors. m21 thinks the project runway criticism is just ridiculous, as complimentary colors like orange and blue, are naturally good fits together- it's why they are referred to as complimentary, fer crissakes. in fact, when used well, m21 believes ALL colors work together, and there is no such thing as a bad combo. some are tricky because of their connotations- certain shades of red & green scream christmas when used together, same for orange and black and halloween, and yellow and black can bring to mind bumble bees and taxicabs; but when mixed with other colors, especially with a neutral background (like the white backdrop in our palm springs project), even these tricky color combos can be used with ease. oh, and btw, m21 considers coral, turquoise, citron, eggplant, chocolate, chartreuse and persimmon to all be neutrals... ;-)

of course if you are working with a challenging palette like say eggplant and chartreuse, you have to make sure all your choices in fabrics, furniture, and accessories are exquisite- one misstep, and chic & unique turns to cheap & garish, so the 'rainbow coalition' decorating school is not for the faint of heart!

what are your favorite color combos? send us a picture of them in use- we'd love to see! you might search houzz for your favorites too- we bet there is an ideabook already devoted to that particular combo. if you can't find a ready-made ideabook devoted to your favorite, then why not create your own?


Karena said...

I love blue and orange and a favorite painting of mine is just that/ I'll send it over to you.

Emily A. Clark said...

I don't get the orange/blue criticism either. . . Anyway, love this modern room.

My daughter's room was also featured in a Houzz ideabook this past week. Maybe I'll blog about it too!

Have a great weekend.

CHELZERS said...

YES!!!! I'm so GLAD someone else thinks they were way off base when they said those colors didn't go together! What the heck?! I just did my family room in aquas and pale oranges and I started to shrink in my seat and second guess my decision....! But reading this has made it all better! :) It's all in how you use it, people! Thanks m21!!

jones said...

Hi Christian-Well said!! How could anything created in nature (and she is very careful) not work together? Have a great week-end. Looks like I'm adopting another dog--I think Jones will be great, but since the dog is smaller than Mini-Beast, we are definitely going to have an adjustment phase. Oh well, more work for Jones. Mary

Laurie Blaswich said...

Love Hauzz, I receive there emails. I really enjoy your blog!! Stop and visit if you get a chance, I am new to bloging it's so much fun!

Fondly, Laurie

Velvet and Linen said...

I couldn't agree more. We are just getting ready to update my daughter Leila's room. She is turning 10 and has decided that she has officially outgrown pink. Her new color palette? Turquoise and orange. Maybe she's been checking out your blog!


BTW: Are we going to meet up at not so Westweek?b